first gen rx7 start up after 3 years

setting around out in custer washington

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$200 RX7 First Start Up
1984 Mazda RX7 bought for $200 first start up after being parked for 4 years. And yes, it's running on 4 year old gas too (with a little help from some starter fluid)

Supercharged RX-7 showing off
Friend's first-gen RX-7 with a streetported 4-port 13B, 5" Camden Supercharger with -10 pulley, Edelbrock 600 CFM Performer Series carb, Racing Beat long-primary Exhaust, and suspension mods.

1980 trans am trying to start after 24 years in storage
UPDATE- here is my restoration page with pictures if anyone is interested i just bought this 1980 trans am. its %100 complete but the guy had taken it apart before storage in 1987. i am putting it back together to drive it this summer i put some oil in the cylinders before i tried to start it.

My 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL
This is a video of my baby. She's in awesome condition, except for the fact that she doesn't run. I could just put in a new battery and start her up, but I don't want to risk harming the rotor housing because the apex seals are probably dry after 8 years of no use. I've got some after-market parts in here: Mikuni carb, Racing Beat headers, Racing Beat sway bar, strut tower brace, Racing Beat Exhaust system, and 15 inch gold Riken rims. We also took out the stock 12A engine and put in the 13B for some more horses. It's also street ported. ENJOY!