Addicted: from an almost fatal car crash in 1984 crippling the cougar to a return to the track

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1971 COUGAR...2009
All body work done over the last 2 years. The body work is finished. This is the process.

drag racing, rare 1971 cougar 351c, 500 horse, no nas, All muscle

Vintage 1970-1978 NASCAR clips

Grant Adcox Dies - 1989 Atlanta Journal 500
Here's a capture of Grant Adcox's fatal crash at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1989 during the Winston Cup season finale Atlanta Journal 500. Grant slammed the wall in turns 1 and 2 on lap 202 which caused the racing seat in his #22 Herb Adcox Chevrolet Oldsmobile to completely tear away from it's mounts. Grant was airlifted to Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta where he died of severe head and chest injuries including a heart attack which was caused by the crash. The post-crash investigation by NASCAR determined that Grant's seat was improperly installed which resulted in the fatal injuries. In response, NASCAR created new rules for the way seats were mounted for the 1990 season. This footage is from ESPN's live broadcast of the race followed by a SpeedWeek report on the crash. The commentators heard on the video are Bob Jenkins, Benny Parsons, and Ned Jarrett.