mazda rx7 1uz v8 not 13b rotary! this is my rx7 which i have almost finished building. IT has a 4.0litre 1uzfe toyota v8, fitted with a Supercharger taken from a gt500 Mustang, with a custom(homemade) intake manifold and Intercooler, the steering has been modified for extra lock, but requires more work,

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RX8 1UZFE vvti drift
Driver : Arnold R. Location : BSD

1uzfe rx7
Lexus V8 Powere'd FC RX7 First drive, still has some detail work to be done. Stock internally 1uzfe with ported heads and intake manifolds Modified stock Exhaust manifolds Custom Exhaust Megasquirt III Stock rx7 turbo 5 speed and drivetrain, shortened stock driveline

Straight piped rx7 fc rev
91 rx7, NA, rebuilt motor, SDJ header, 2.5" piping, 3 foot resonator, powered by max coilovers, cusco roll cage, Mustang gt wheels, s13 lip, g35 mud guards, shine auto side skirts. Rev 1k - 8.5k RPM

1UZ Toyota V8 with ITBs 1UZ Toyota V8 with ITBs in a Levin Rally Car.