LoveFab NSX vs Viper SRT-10

LoveFab turbo NSX vs Dodge Viper SRT-10 racing on the Hendersonville Airport.

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LoveFab NSX vs Nissan GTR
Airfield Event Carrabelle Speed Festival 2012 Nissan GTR vs Honda NSX turbo

LoveFab NSX vs GTR, C6Z06, GT500, Camaro SS and 135i Carrabelle Speed Festival
Lovefab turbo NSX, Nissan GTR, Ford GT500, Camaro 5th Gen, LS3, BMW 135i, Carrabelle Speed Festival, Street Racing. Airfield, Racing

Why Doesn't Your NSX Have A Turbo Yet?
A quick look at my 91 NSX with the Angus/AP-X turbo kit. 9 psi on the Dyno, 7 psi on the street. stock motor.

Honda NSX Supercharged - Dyno & 2Step FLAMES!!
Supercharged NSX tuned by Dynamotorsports Power: 373WHP, 298WTQ Tuned by . . Stock NA2 3.2L Motor (#c32b ) GruppeM #Supercharger kit Fuel System ATIsuperdamper AEM EMS V2 Custom Exhaust