S1000RR vs GSXR 1000 K9 204RWHP Drag Race

Performance: 0-100 = 2.5sec 0-200 = 6.4sec 0-300 = 12.2sec TOP Speed: 352km/h GPS Valid also no Rev Limitter Due to the reflashed ECU ((((((( 204RWHP & 97lbf·ft of torque )))))))) ______________________________________________________________ Modifications: Tow Brother Exhoust ( NO CAT ). PVC. Reflashed ECU. BMC Racefilter. Bazzaz Quick Shifter. Dyno Tune. Custom Fuel Mapping (Extremely Rich). Bazzaz Eliminator. Balanced Crank. AMRR Spark plugs.  18/42 Gearing. AMS Clutch. J17 Crank. FMC Pistons. Greddy Ram Air Kit. It's Putting 204Hp @ The Wheel + 97lbf·ft of torque

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S1000RR 212RWHP vs GSXR 1000 204RWHP Highway Battle
S1000RR 212RWHP vs GSXR 1000 204RWHP Highway Battle . The Gixxer pulls a bit better in low-end and mid-range but 212hp of beamer kicks in after a while and takes it out. This was the only time I got beaten by any bike so for now, the champ is the Beamer. both bikes are running on 18/42. In one part we both did hit the top speed.

Bmw s1000rr vs Hrc 1000rr vs GSXR 1000 k8

Suzuki GSXR1000 vs BMW S1000RR Drag Race Sprint SSB 9.50 8.50 Grudge R1 Test
A day at the track looking for the normally aspirated standard 1000 8 second run. Steve Mead and Paul Furlong, Mission sucessfull!!!!

S1000rr vs ZX10r vs GSX-R 1000 - BATTLE ROYALE
S1000rr - Full Graves Exhaust, PC5, Filter, stock gearing, 180lbs ZX10r - Guhl Flash, Yosh R77D slip-on, BMC Street Filter, Bazzaz ZFI with QS, Stretched 7'', +3 rear sprocket, 196lbs GSX-R 1000 - Full R77D, PC5, Translogic QS, -1 rear sprocket, 158lbs