The She Beast is Alive 1968 Roadrunner

30 years ago she was pulled from a flooded carport and towed to a town she never had been. There she sat alone and was ignored unkempt, broken down and ugly. In late December of 2009 she became the wanting gleam in this family's eyes. It has taken nearly 400++ hours of labor and nearly $12,000 and a full years commitment of appreciation and love to bring her to this cherished state. Today for the first time since 1980 she is proudly out in the sun light and under her own power. As Bold and brash as she sits now. She will be soon wearing a sensuous gloss black finish that will make grown men tear and dream of infidelity. Women of all ages will sigh with envy from the attention she will warrant as she rumbles by, strutting her power and beauty. She is almost ready for her premier. Stay tuned. Nice job Terry and Wyatt. You do good work..

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Driving to the Shop in my '69 Road Runner
Here's a split screen video of me driving my '69 Plymouth Road Runner to the shop.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner With LOUD Exhaust
This is a video of a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner with a really loud Exhaust. The Exhaust sound on this Road Runner was amazing, and the rear tires were really big! I ran over to the Plymouth as soon as I heard the Exhaust idle!

The She Beast is alive 2 1968 Roadrunner
This is our second installment in "The She Beast is alive" Roadunner project.. She's out on the streets and In the public eye for the 1st time since 1980. Oh is she sweet. When she goes by men reach out and try to touch her and women just cover thier mouths and giggle Uncontrollably.. She is an animal and everyone wants to get closer.

68 plymouth road runner gold.mpg
Just in is this Great looking real RM22 Roadrunner 2dr Sedan with a built 383 4BB, 727 automatic transmission, power steering, American racing rims, RWL Tires, new bumpers, and a great sounding new dual Exhaust. This is a very solid car throughout with an excellent body, floors, frame, and trunk floor. The restoration was done on the car roughly 5 years ago and still looks real nice today. This car came from the factory in this Bronze metallic color and was striped down and repainted 5 years ago. It still supports its original fender tag and most of all its original sheet metal. If you are looking for a great looking and sounding mopar for a reasonable price this may be it. This car in my opinion is a great looking nice driver quality car but it has been entered in some car shows by the previous owner and did take some first place and other trophies at local shows. This is a great car that you can jump in and enjoy and is guaranteed to turn heads! This car is for sale at and is priced at 16995. Give us a call at 641 816 3145 with any questions.