My suzuki gsxr crash

Nazalost je upao pred defilej:(JBG

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suzuki gsxr crash
max: 280 km/h crash: 140 km/h

gsx 1100
gsx 1100

87 GSXR 750/ 1127 CRASH
Dry-Nitro Dragbike

GSXR Crash (POV)
Motorcycle crash during which I almost flew off a cliff. It's a thin line between "**** it, WEEEEEE!!!" and "WEEEEEE... OH ****!!!" So, I did a lot of runs throughout the day. On the last run, I dragged my knee for the first time, thought "cool..." and gunned it too early to get it down again forgetting that there was a dip, camber change, and decreasing radius for that corner. I unexpectedly hit the dip and camber change, knee bounced, was heading for the guardrail, leaned further to try to avoid it, knee was planted and pulling me back, possibly had some suspension issues as a result of the dip, foot came off and I didn't have leverage to countersteer to straighten it back, tried to bodysteer, and up the mountain side I went. i.e. I felt like a badass dragging knee and got greedy. Thank you to the passing rider who stopped to help me move my bike down the mountain and to everyone who stopped to offer assistance. Thanks to code3kc for offering an ear and help after the crash, ted9n3n for hanging out with me after the crash and helping load the bike with shogun09r1, and Sho for helping me find my camera, haul the bike, offering a shoulder to cry on (Coronas), etc. :cheers: Stay tuned to Sho's channel for more footage. Damage and crash site footage: The run just prior to the crash: KC lowsided a few days after me: And my return to the twisties after the crash: My gear: Aplinestars MX-1 Leather Suit Forcefield Extreme Harness Flite Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves TCX SS Performance 2 Boots Scorpion EXO 400 Helmet Ankle, shoulder, and head got banged up. It could have been a lot worse. Wear gear. Have a good and safe 2012 riding season everyone.