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Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept

Toyota is rolling their spin machine on the new Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept. The study will have its moment in the spotlight at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, before hitting the salesroom floors next year. Even though the car can be driven either on petrol alone, or just electric, it can also run on a combination of the two. Unfortunately, the engine's power figures do leave quite a bit to be desired. Although it uses a reasonably sized engine, featuring a 1.8-liter displacement, it only manages to put out 97 horsepower. This leads to a 0-100 km/h time of "around 10 seconds," which means that the car probably hits 100 in 10 to 10.5 seconds under lab conditions, and maybe a second slower in the real world.


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► Toyota Auris HSD Driving Performance
More news and videos on http://www.youcarpress.com

Toyota Auris - Вторые Руки
Передача о подержанных машинах. 4 серия

Toyota Auris HSD review
The all new Toyota Auris Hybrid has made its way to Ireland and Toyota say drive it and you'll understand, so that's just what Bob did.

The new Toyota Auris HSD
The new Toyota Auris HSD

Auris HSD Interni

Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid
Launch video for the Toyota Auris Hybrid, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show September 15th 2009.

Toyota Auris (2013) Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.
Цены и комплектации http://toyota-cheb.tts.ru/cars/new_cars/auris/index.tmex http://vk.com/id132523895 Добавляйтесь в друзья!) http://www.facebook.com/anton.vorotnikov Ещё Автомобили С класса http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW46cP6LCzTVJXJMk3DUEDzECztTxwoDP Автомобиль Toyta Auris на тест-драйв предоставлен компанией ТТС официальный дилер компании Тoyota

Toyota Auris Hybrid Review - Auto Express
Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/252184/toyota_auris_hyb rid.html It's priced competitively against 2.0-litre diesel rivals, and offers a different hybrid proposition to the Prius, mainly because it looks like a normal car. Just like its stablemate, the Auris is great around town. But the familiar hybrid foibles remain, with a harsh note under acceleration and average economy. So on the motorway, good though the newcomer is, we'd still recommend a diesel instead.

Toyota Auris hybride 2011 autotest
Toyota Auris hybride 2011 autotest

Crash-Test Toyota Auris
2OO7 Toyota Auris crash test by Euro-Ncap. 5 stars rating

model of Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive
This footage was recorded on Nov 29, 2007 at a Hybrid event held by Toyota Sunnyvale in Sunnyvale, CA, USA. It uses a planetary gear to divert power. Power can come from the internal combustion engine (ICE = blue handle) or the Motor Generator 1 (MG1 = yellow disc) and Motor Generator 2 (orangle handle). MG2 drives the wheels directly (represented by cranking the orange handle before the reduction gears) or the momentum of the car pushes the wheel to spin MG2 to recapture energy during braking (represented by cranking the black handle after the reduction gears). MG1 (yellow disc) can spin the planetary gear (green) while the wheels (black) and MG2 (orange) are stationary, which in turn spin the ICE (blue) before gasoline is injected to the ICE. That pre-spinning of the ICE to operating RPM allows the ICE to be started and shut off at will with reduced air pollution concern (represented by cranking the blue handle, it should only turn in one direction, the model is flawed). MG1 (yellow) can spin backward or forward to redirect power to the wheels (this model does not have a crank handle for the yellow disc, a model flaw again because MG1 must be spun actively to control the output of the HSD). Visit http://www.wind.sannet.ne.jp/m_matsu/prius/ThsSimu/index_i18n.html to play with a simulator. Also watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmHpSyTsfm0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQhzruw2Qh8&t=9m13s and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLNDGUISTYM

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