DSM Talon AWD 7 Bolt Rebuild

made a quick video of my recent build....

More Videos...

Corys EVILTSI going 9s on Stock Bottom end at 2013 DSM Shootout!
Cory Bower's "EVILTSI" goes 9s on a Stock 7-bolt bottom end. This is the first stock 7-bolt bottom end into the 9s, and fastest MPH trap speeds as well! www.stmtuned.com

2g DSM build
You can find the whole build on dsmtuners.com My username is Dsm's4life first song is:Collide By moog from mighty car mods 2nd is if i die tomorrow by VTZ fuel: bosh 44 fuel pump with rewire FIC 550cc injectors fuel-lab AFPR 43 psi ECM V.3 3'' gm maf ecm maf cable aem eugo wideband Full Exhaust comp stage 1 cams stainless steel headers 20g turbo internally gated hks ssq bov front mount with short route

3SGE Dyno run
NA Stroker 2.2 Making 180 rwhp @ 6400rpm Engine Specs Xceldyne Titanium 1.425 Intake Valves Xceldyne Titanium 1.200 Exhaust Valves Xceldyne Titanium Retainers Xceldyne Titanium Collets Tighe 13mm /.511 lift Billet Cams Custom Phosphorous bronze guides PSI Ultimate MaxLife Polished Dual Springs Ported & flow tested at 28inches = 298CFM @ .550 Custom made Intake Manifold with 46mm 4AGE Blacktop Quad Throttle bodies Ex Glen Seton FJ20 touring car Nissan injectors 33mm custom oversize cam buckets 3sge turbo block with oil squirter's SP forged Pistons 10.5 Custom made Adjustable timing gears Beam Polished 3sge gen 2 conrods ARP rod bolts ARP main cap Stud kit nitride 2.2 crank index ground for correct clearances & enlarged radius 3sge gen 2 Steel lightened flywheel ACL Race Series Bearings 5sfe High Volume oil pump Gates High Strength timing belt Custom made Baffled & Depended Sump Microtech LT8-S after market computer Custom made mandrel bent tunned length Extractors

DrewJ Tuning: Will Stanton's stock 7 bolt NEW RECORD 10.33
Will set the new record for the stock 7-bolt block with a 10.33 @ 136. for DSMlink tuning services, please email me at DrewJTuning@gmail.com