Civic Si EF VS Acura Integra DA

DA STOCK EF I/H/E D16a6 My Friends having Fun. Please no racist comments

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The Sleeping Integra
Check out this fast Integra! Had a blast reviewing this car let me know what you guys think! Wanna follow the owner? Wanna follow me? If you wanna check out there youtube it's

Integra DC (H2B) vs Integra DB (F2B) & CRX
on the way to sac raceway

Civic Si vs Integra LS
Civic SI B16a 1st Gen I/H/E 96 Spec ITR cams Integra LS I/E This my and my buddy having fun so please. no Stupid comments!!!

ill-Famed DA9 Integra vs EG Civic (B18 Non Vtec vs B16 Vtec)
"LIKE" us on Facebook 1.8L Non Vtec Integra DA9 vs 1.6L Vtec EG Civic