Civic Si EF VS Acura Integra DA

DA STOCK EF I/H/E D16a6 My Friends having Fun. Please no racist comments

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Integra DC (H2B) vs Integra DB (F2B) & CRX
on the way to sac raceway

DA Integra vs Accord
First race with a 5 spd in my DA. wish he woulda kept recording i did a good burnout =]

07 civic SI vs Integra Da
quick run between the homie Raf's Si and peters teggy...Raf goes from 2nd to 5th lol... * Don't do drugs!!* LIKE,COMMENT,SUBSCRIBE I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO... ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO KID CUDI & KEITH APICARY

SRT-4 VS Integra "DA"
Illegal race of a SRT-4 & acura Integra. Was taken in phoenix Arizona. The Integra wins the race.