NX2000 SR20DE with Magnaflow

NX2000 SR20DE with magnaflow

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Nissan Sunny GTS sporting magnaflow exhaust
test run

Magnaflow SS exhaust 2.5" on a 200SX SE-R (tailpipe)
200SX SE-R (SR20DE) Low port, E60 MAF, 3" intake with Magnaflow 2.5" Stainless Steel Exhaust system. - 22" MagnaFlow resonator 2.5" (Part # 10436) -5"x8"x14" Oval Muffler 2.5" (Part # 12216) -DNA Motoring 2.5" header. -Idle is set at 25 degrees base idle ignition so it settles between 1080-1110 RPM. This video has start-up... rev to 2500 rev to 3500 WOT to 3000 WOT to 3000 small blips idle

testing magnflow mufflers and resonators on sr20det 200sx
went muffler shopping for the coyote v8 rx7. decided to test out how well they worked on my 200sx as it has a 3" tip so the mufflers can slip over top. the muffler seemed like it did alot more and the resonator just changed the pitch slightly

Nx2000 Vvl vs bolt-on mustang