Caddy DHS on 28" bogues

our shop car on them 28" vogues

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1st Nu Skool Cadillac Deville On 28s !!!! Nu Skool Cadillac Deville (DHS) from Florida on 28s.This is the 1st nu skool Cadillac Deville on 28" rims.

Cadilac DHS on 28's only 28 in the world with 28" vogues
The only 28' vogues in the world!!!

caddy dhs on 28's shittin on people at the lowrider show 2010
shittin on peopla at tha show on them 28's

"Underground Rim King" 3rd Cadillac Deville on 28"s Full U-turns
Mary Kay Edition Cadillac on 28"s Done By Underground Rim KIng