Akrapovic Exhaust on 2007 Atomic Orange Corvette Z06

Akrapovic titanium Exhaust on a 2007 Atomic Orange Corvette Z06. Car also has LG Super Pro long tube headers. Recorded with a high quality Marantz audio recorder so that you can get a feel for the Exhaust note.

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Nasty ZO6's Akrapovic exhaust clip
2006 ZO6, stainless steel axle back Akrapovic Exhaust, cammed, headers, no cats.

Akrapovic dual.MOV
Corvette C6 Z06 with Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust (carbon fiber tips).

Swedish Girl driving 600 hp Corvette Z06 w/ Akrapovic exhaust!
NOTICE!! That this is the same Corvette that is seen in my second video on youtube when it does some "street racing" with the golden Mercedes 420 cdi!! Check that out. It has now change owner and big respect to the girl who drives this 600 hp Corvette (manual transmission) Great sound from the Akrapovic Exhaust!

Corvette Z06 with Akrapovic Exhaust - AMAZING SOUND
www.benchracingapparel.com C6 Corvette Z06 with Akrapovic Exhaust along with Black Widow camshaft longtubes x-pipe and no cats. Wide open throttle and idle videos.