79 Camaro Drag Racing Slow Mo

Just a comp of some of our videos slowed down..because everything's better in slow motion http://www.acmeautopartsonline.com/Camaro

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79 Camaro 377 First Pass
First trip down the track. Tires were cold, hooked an immediate right. Hotter burnout cured the problem. Full Specs: http://www.acmeautopartsonline.com/Camaro/

Camaro vs Mustang Drag Race
They slipped a pro tree in on me. I was not prepared for that but I won on the big end after a bad reaction time.

Rear axle breaks during Drag Race
Funny Camaro Breaks Axle The rear axle of a drag race car breaks off and leaves the car and driver stranded on only 2 wheels Two cars race at the drag strip The Third Generation Camaro in the nearest lane breaks its axle when it launches Very funny see more at www racevideos tv race broken wheels axle humor drag drag race Camaro car competition axle at www racevideos tv

79 Camaro 377 - Motorplex - 8/14
Best of the night, 11.36 at 121 http://www.acmeautopartsonline.com/Camaro