Evo X modified tail light testing by cincitydesigns.com

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How to: Nightshade/Darken/Tint/Blackout Car Taillights.
Tinting paint will be available from your local car accessories store for around £10 a can. Remember to use two coats of clearcoat once you have reached your desired tint level. Use a regular car polish 24 hrs after applying clearcoat to give your lights that final shiny showroom finish.

EvoX tail light mod
Blackout, carbon fiber.

Mitsubishi Evolution X Start Up with Turboback Exhaust
Video taken, prior to removing test pipe. *sniff* It was a cold start, I know, I know, but then you would have not been able to see all the smoke!

A's EvoX tail light mod
OEM tail light was blackout and add CF