Street racing Russia MKAD madness

Street racing Russia MKAD madness

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LADA 2101 TURBO 1.2
LADA 2101 turbo 1.2 in Action - Racing, Drift an Chaos - Russia
Video made by Biadieso Clips from channel "smotratv", - " zarrubin" and "goshpar" Germany Music: Song - Roma Zhigan

Правда жизни: УЛИЧНЫЕ ГОНКИ В РОССИИ / (Street Racing In Russia)
Соблюдайте правила! Люди изменившие мир:

5 Death car crash in Russia - This video is to make many think about their behavior on the road. The tragedy occurred at 16.20 on 69 km of the Leningrad highway near Solnechnogorsk. BMW driver went to overtake on the right side, and then drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a fuel truck. From the blow a car with fuel slid into a ditch and caught fire. In the continuation, see movie, which filmed friends of the victims, who were traveling on the second machine.