Forza 4 Mercedes CL65 amg vs BMW m6 top gear

Drag race between Mercedes CL65 amg (stock) and bmw m6 (stock)

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Forza 4 Mercedes e63 AMG vs BMW m5 e60 top gear
drag race between Mercedes e63 AMG and BMW m5 e60 on the top gear track

Lamborghini Gallardo vs BMW M5 E60

Forza 4 Crash Physics/Messing around for no reason
Me and my friend messing around on Forza 4 seeing how spectacular the crashes look and how it affects the cars.

Mercedes-benz CL 65 AMG Brabus Power Topspeed Run 417 KMH - Forza motorsport 4 (HD)
Mercedes-benz CLS AMG Brabus power Topspeed 417 KMH - Forza motorsport 4 (HD)