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The Model BCQ225~1000 Biscuit complete line is an advanced equipment which can produce the crisp biscuit , pliable biscuit and sandwiching biscuit. The complete line is comprised of daugh making machine, sugar spaying machine(option),forming machine, bake oven, oil sprayer, cooling conveyor and stacking machine. The production capacity can be from 50kg/h to 900kg/h. Change the length of the oven and cooling conveyer is available to suitable for the output. Technical parameter: Model: 225~1000 Capacity: 50~900kg/h Heating style of the oven: Electric heating/ Oil heating Power: 34~722kW Length of the line:19~76m Weight of the line:2.8T~31T Contact us:

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Bear Biscuit Production Line
website: html Automatic biscuit production lines are our mature food machinery production lines. In order to meet different capacities required, we have made different types of full-automatic biscuit production lines with capacity from 60kgs/h to 1200kgs/h. They are suitable for large, medium-sized, and small scale production. The shapes and kinds of biscuits can be various for different biscuit forming machines, molds, and technology. Full-automatic biscuit line consists of Dough Mixer, Biscuit Forming Machine, Flavor Sprinkler, Oil Sprayer, Tunnel Baking Oven, 180˚ Swerving Machine, Cooling Conveyor, Biscuit Stacking Machine, and Biscuit Packing Machine, etc.. While semi-automatic biscuit line is combined with Dough Mixer, Biscuit Forming Machine, Rotary Oven, Trolley, Tray, and Packing Machine. 1. Characteristics: 1). The production lines can be combined flexibly according to workshop and biscuit technology. 2). High capacity, high automation, and high energy-saving. 2. Manufacture Process: Dough Mixing→Biscuit Forming→Flavor Sprinkling→Baking→Oil Spraying→Cooling→Stacking→Packing SHANGHAI KUFA FOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Add: NO.6759 PUWEI ROAD, FENGXIAN DISTRICT, SHANGHAI, CHINA Tel: +86-21-57450515 +86-13482442988 E-mail: Fax: +86-21-57450238 Skype: cindyyang214

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Fully Automatic biscuit production line/biscuit machine/soft biscuit machine/hard biscuit machine
Cracker, hard biscuit, soft biscuit production line Mixing→Feeding→Sheeting→Forming→Baking→Packing. As above, it is a basic flow chart of complete biscuit production process. For making a various of tasty biscuits, you can equip with salt & sugar spreading machine, egg sprayer, egg painter, printing machine etc. And oven can make un-baked biscuit from the forming line to be delicious food. You can choose different type oven to bake different biscuit.