Dead Cummins

this is a video of jump starting the dodge cummins enjoy

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Cummins cold start
here is a video of starting the dodge cummins at 24F and there was water in the fuel.

Cummins HE351/HT3B Twins Test Drive #1
Test driving my newly installed twins. I'm running 200hp DDP injectors, and an Edge Drag Comp. Spools awesome. As you can see, just shifting through 4th gear i can hit almost 45lbs of Boost in a hurry. Check out my other video too. My truck cuts off at the end. Im not sure what happened, but i wasn't getting fuel. I had to crank it back up with starting fluid.

dodge cummins floating a few gears
2007 2500 5.9 cummins floating the G56. No muffler. I dont float every day i was just playing around. 141k miles no problems with the trans yet

In-Cab Fueling Adjuster 12v Cummins
Power Driven Diesel's in-cab fueling adjuster for all mechanical injection 12v Cummins trucks or engines. It's now officially named AFC LIVE (patent pending) and is available for purchase at AFC LIVE is a new product release (kit) that provides in-cab adjustable tuning for mechanical injection P7100 pump Dodge Cummins pickups from 1989 through early 1998. This kit also works for p-pump swapped trucks or anything powered with a 12valve cummins motor be it rat rod, tractor, Fummins, or your boat.