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Watch Next Ep. Here: We're taking the show on the road again, stopping at locations all over the UK and Europe. We start in Surrey, England to drive a prototype of the Lightning GT electric supercar. Featuring a twin-motor RWD system and advanced lithium-titanate batteries, this GT EV hopes to capture lightning in a bottle with specs that will strike fear into performance-electric manufacturers the world over. Subscribe For New TRANSLOGIC Videos: About 'TRANSLOGIC': Navigating the latest in transportation technology, TRANSLOGIC explores where mass transit, concept cars, electric vehicles and new transportation converge.  Get more TRANSLOGIC Read: Like: Follow:

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Koenigsegg NLV Quant Electric Supercar. Interview with Christian Von Koenigsegg
I wish they had made this car. Koenigsegg NLV Quant. Interview with Christian Von Koenigsegg about the solar powered EV. Gathers solar energy in its paintwork. Subscribe for lots more EV films.

Jaguar C-X75 Electric-Turbine Concept
The C-X75 hints at an exciting evolution of Jaguar's design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by. Advanced design features such as a ground-breaking propulsion system and active aerodynamics allow for an elegantly simple fuselage section that remains stable at very high speeds. For more automotive news: Follow us on Facebook:

Exagon Furtive-eGT : The electric supercar
A new 400bhp electric supercar from Exagon. Motors 2 Siemens water-cooled motors (148 kW each) Power: 402 hp from 5,000 to 10,000 rpm Torque: 516 Nm from 0 to 5,000 rpm Battery SAFT lithium-ion batterie without memory effect and highly recyclable Capacity: 53 kWh Minimum battery capacity after 3,000 cycles (= ± 10 years): over 80% Chassis/bodywork Carbon fibre and honeycomb monocoque weighing 124 kg All-carbon fibre bodywork Beringer brakes developed specially for the Furtive-eGT Front brakes: ventilated disc (380 mm). Callipers with 6 pistons Rear brakes: ventilated disc (360 mm). Callipers with 4 pistons Deceleration: 1.2 G (one of the best braking performances in the world) Energy recovery during deceleration and braking Front wheel: 8.5’’x 20’’ Rear wheel: 11’’x 20’’ Front tyres: Michelin PSS 245/35 ZR20 Rear tyres: Michelin PSS 305/30 ZR20 Transmission and suspensions Type of transmission: rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential Gearbox: three-speed, automated gearbox with constant torque developed by Exagon Double wishbone suspension front and rear made of Cobapress aluminium

Rimac - Electric Concept One Super Car 1088hp
Rimac - Electric Concept One Super Car 1088hp Specifications: Performance Power output: 1088 hp Torque: 1600 Nm from 0 to 6500 rpm Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 2,8 seconds Range: up to 600 km (realistic range -- 500 km) Braking distance: 31.5m (100-0 km/h) Lateral g-force: 1.4 g Efficiency: 140-550 Wh/km 40 kW on-board charging 100 kW fast DC-charging Weight-to-power ratio: 1.79 kg/hp Weight distribution: 42% front, 58% rear Dimensions Total length: 4548 mm Total width: 1997 mm Total height: 1198 mm Ground clearance: Rear: 115 mm, Front: 105 mm Wheelbase: 2750 mm. Dry weight: 1950 kg Battery-Pack Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry Configuration: 1400 cells - 200 series, 7 parallel Voltage: 650V nominal Capacity: 91 kWh Cooling: Freon (gas) with high-voltage heat pumps Milled aluminum and sheet aluminum housing Rimac Automobili Active Battery and Thermal Management Systems Several layers of redundant safety and protection systems Chassis Carbon fibre monocoque with integrated battery-pack Carbon fibre sub-frames (front and rear) Carbon fibre crash structure Front and rear suspension: Double wishbones, fully adjustable, pushrod operated. Electronically adjustable ride height. Fully machined aluminum uprights and wishbones Propulsion System Rear: Rimac Automobili D-PM-OC-600 -- high speed dual permanent magnet oil cooled motors, 600 kW peak, 10.000 RPM, up to 97% efficiency Front: Rimac Automobili D-PM-OC-400 - high speed dual permanent magnet oil cooled motors, 400 kW peak, 10.000 RPM, up to 97% efficiency Dry sump lubrication Milled aluminum housings Reduction gearbox ratio: 3,5 Steering Rack and pinion electrically power assisted steering. Brakes Front brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs Ø 390 mm, 36 mm wide. 6-piston calipers, power-assisted. Rear brakes: Ventilated ceramic discs Ø 380 mm, 34 mm wide. 4-piston calipers, power-assisted. Up to 800 kW of regen-braking (adjustable) Safety Systems Front and side air-bags ABS Torque Vectoring with stability function Safety disconnect systems in case of crash Multiple ECU architecture for monitoring of safety-relevant electronic systems Body Full carbon-fibre body.