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Watch Next Ep. Here: We're taking the show on the road again, stopping at locations all over the UK and Europe. We start in Surrey, England to drive a prototype of the Lightning GT electric supercar. Featuring a twin-motor RWD system and advanced lithium-titanate batteries, this GT EV hopes to capture lightning in a bottle with specs that will strike fear into performance-electric manufacturers the world over. Subscribe For New TRANSLOGIC Videos: About 'TRANSLOGIC': Navigating the latest in transportation technology, TRANSLOGIC explores where mass transit, concept cars, electric vehicles and new transportation converge.  Get more TRANSLOGIC Read: Like: Follow:

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Exagon Furtive-eGT : The electric supercar
A new 400bhp electric supercar from Exagon. Motors 2 Siemens water-cooled motors (148 kW each) Power: 402 hp from 5,000 to 10,000 rpm Torque: 516 Nm from 0 to 5,000 rpm Battery SAFT lithium-ion batterie without memory effect and highly recyclable Capacity: 53 kWh Minimum battery capacity after 3,000 cycles (= ± 10 years): over 80% Chassis/bodywork Carbon fibre and honeycomb monocoque weighing 124 kg All-carbon fibre bodywork Beringer brakes developed specially for the Furtive-eGT Front brakes: ventilated disc (380 mm). Callipers with 6 pistons Rear brakes: ventilated disc (360 mm). Callipers with 4 pistons Deceleration: 1.2 G (one of the best braking performances in the world) Energy recovery during deceleration and braking Front wheel: 8.5’’x 20’’ Rear wheel: 11’’x 20’’ Front tyres: Michelin PSS 245/35 ZR20 Rear tyres: Michelin PSS 305/30 ZR20 Transmission and suspensions Type of transmission: rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential Gearbox: three-speed, automated gearbox with constant torque developed by Exagon Double wishbone suspension front and rear made of Cobapress aluminium

Jaguar C-X75 Electric-Turbine Concept
The C-X75 hints at an exciting evolution of Jaguar's design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by. Advanced design features such as a ground-breaking propulsion system and active aerodynamics allow for an elegantly simple fuselage section that remains stable at very high speeds. For more automotive news: Follow us on Facebook:

Inizio Electric SuperCar from Li-ion Motors
Get more information and specs at stest-all-electric-supercar-depth-engineering-video.html

Bob Lutz Gets His Electric Truck