My 68 V-dub

Restoring my 1968 VW Bus

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Field of Forgotten Volkswagens. Field of Shattered Dreams.
On a recent VW hunting trip with Jason we had a chance to walk around one of the largest collections of junk we have seen in a while. We were tempted on a couple of things but given the prices it was apparent why most of this stuff was still sitting in the field. The 71 Camper Van was what first got me excited but after closer inspection I passed on it even though the price was reasonable. The bus had a Ford Pinto motor hacked in and a Radiator hanging off the back. The frame for the radiator was so enormous that the back hatch wouldn't open. The icing on the cake were the storage tubs that were cut in half and attached to the side with grabber screws for added air flow. There had to be something cool in all this junk that could be had for a decent price. When the dust settled I did end up dragging something home. Hope to show you what that is in an upcoming video. Thanks for watching. MUSIC BY: Check out Kevin and all of his great Royalty free music at this website. Thanks Kevin.

NEW ★Volkswagen Golf MK 2 with a G60 Bahn Brenner Lysholm twin screw Supercharger SOUND CHECK★
The Volkswagen Group with its headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. In 2013, the Group increased the number of vehicles delivered to customers to 9.731 million (2012: 9.276 million), corresponding to a 12.8 percent share of the world passenger car market.

My just purchased 1968 VW Transporter Bus
I just purchased this 68 VW Bus. It has been in storage for 2 years and this is the first time it has been fired up since. I am really looking forward to working on her and getting her into shape. I'll be posting videos from time to time so subscribe for updates.

Living with a VW Bus
Cruising down the road in a VW Bus is a unique experience that few get to have. The only way to get people to react to your car this strongly, is to put flashing lights on top... or dip it in chocolate. Share your VW Bus story in the comments and at (tell them Busvlogger sent you) Go "Like" me on facebook ( and follow 'busvlogger' on Twitter! Channel Description: I am a stay-at-home dad with four kids. I am obsessed with my 1976 Volkswagen Bus "Willie"! I make vlogs about what's going on in my ADD mind, catch the kids being cute, I do special project vids and gush about my bus-love! If you think that sounds random, you should see my channel! and... you know SUBSCRIBE!!! Check out my "Rant Playlist", people seem to like me angry... 'Hands-On' is my new how-to channel were I share the projects I'm working on: home improvement, food and more! I have A LOT of projects to do! SUBSCRIBE and help spread the word! The song featured in this video, Succotach, was supplied via the You Tube free music library. I'm now a part of a very exciting group of youtubers called "Outside the Box" on Facebook! They are all family friendly and made of awesome! Go see!