My 68 V-dub

Restoring my 1968 VW Bus

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Field of Forgotten Volkswagens. Field of Shattered Dreams.
On a recent VW hunting trip with Jason we had a chance to walk around one of the largest collections of junk we have seen in a while. We were tempted on a couple of things but given the prices it was apparent why most of this stuff was still sitting in the field. The 71 Camper Van was what first got me excited but after closer inspection I passed on it even though the price was reasonable. The bus had a Ford Pinto motor hacked in and a Radiator hanging off the back. The frame for the radiator was so enormous that the back hatch wouldn't open. The icing on the cake were the storage tubs that were cut in half and attached to the side with grabber screws for added air flow. There had to be something cool in all this junk that could be had for a decent price. When the dust settled I did end up dragging something home. Hope to show you what that is in an upcoming video. Thanks for watching. MUSIC BY: Check out Kevin and all of his great Royalty free music at this website. Thanks Kevin.

Crash test Volkswagen Passat#2
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2014 Apex Festival - Turbo Charged VW Beetle
2014 Apex Festival @ Lydden Hill Race Track in Kent. Darren Claggett's turbo Charged VW Beetle giving it the beans. 1915cc engine running 14psi of Boost. Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :)

Volkswagon Pontoon Bus "Grateful Daze"
My brother and started this about a year ago in 2012. We were bored drinking beer when the idea came to us. I had bought a piece of junk pontoon boat to just go out on the lake and goof around on and after we had completely stripped everything off the deck we got bored until the beer settled in. Why not put a VW bus on it!! Well before we sobered up my brother put an ad on craigslist and within a few days we had our bus. It was a 1969 camper bus, but the camper top had been destroyed some years ago. It didn't have an engine, but it was perfect for what we wanted to do. We cut everything we could out of it to lighten up the load, axles, fuel tank, transmission, if we didn't need it went. Later on we all the parts for things that the VW needed like bumpers, headlights, headlight rings, rear lights, windshield wiper parts, ect. A Bobcat from a local equipment rental lifted it from the blocks and placed it on the Pontoon boat. There are no pictures of this because the Bobcat driver threw the bus into the air and it bounced off the ground before he miraculously caught it before any damage occurred. We floated the Pontoon soon after getting it on the pontoon boat to make sure it floated. Until that point we had no idea if it would really work or not. The rest is a little body work to fill rust holes, the paint job and the interior. The steering wheel is connected to the outboard motor, so you drive from the drivers seat with the throttle controls mounted to the side of the seat. The headlights, running lights and rear lights all work as do the windshield wipers. The custom paint job was performed by and I couldn't be happier. We launched it on June 1st at the North Shore ramp of Lake Pueblo in Colorado. It has been a blast to drive around. Special thanks to my brother for all his help in getting this going.