Mazda Rx3 Coupe HEDAYK

Mazda Rx3.... Bridge Port 13b Loud Exhaust with the Varex Exhaust openned

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1973 RX3 on PCH 3
This is my boy Savants RX3....clowning on fools!

Mazda rx3 coupe
74 rx3 coupe 12app injected first run on new injection setup after Dyno , just got a wof, running mint

Rotary engine 10A+webber
Rotary engine 10A+Webber in Mazda Rx3 S102A

Blue Angels - A4 Sky Hawks
American Navy's Blue Angels aerobatic team when they flew A4 Sky hawks set to Van Halens Dreams. the music has been changed as i don't have the rights to the music the images are a little grainy because i pulled it off an old vhs tape but it clears up