SRT4 Black Widow

Video of a stock turbo stock Boost srt4 vs 09 cobalt ss, sti, and Evo 8.

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Slammed SRT-4
Finally done with this awesome video of izzys sexy slammed srt4

SRT4 Gets called out 289whp e85
Few cars in some More details... Green Hatch civic is full built, tuned by church ALL MOTOR 190WHP (called me out) Evo 10 Flat black E85 Tune Bolt on 12.6 1/4 time White Civic on Kwerks Supercharger was on slicks making 330whp(ish) White Mustang 5.0 (called me out) said its just a full bolt on Mustang Camaro SS I was told was cammed, headers, full Exhaust w/ no cats RSX turbo is built bottom end making Around 340whp and 230tq

Black Stage 2 SRT-4 With a Few Extras
Hey guys, Here is my friend's black stage 2 srt4 with some extras. He hasa mopar short shifter, aem cai, diablo sport ecu tuner, boomba motor mounts, agp catch can, msd ignition, and some other things that I'm leaving out lol. Enjoy!

Black Stealth SRT4
Srt4 vid.. camera man Jorge Lopez