11 Sec Twin Turbo Magna from RPW

This is the 2nd run of the Twin turbo 11 Second Front Wheel Drive Magna racing a Supercharger Ford 6cyl.

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4MYEGO... 377kw Turbo Magna Cruising the Streets With GoPro Hero4 Attached
Decided to take the Magna out for a spin today.. Charged up the new GoPro Hero4 and attached it to the side of the car. First time i've played with the GoPro & Car Together. Happy with the footage, Going to have to do it again. Sorry about the wind noise. I wanted to hear the car so you have to put up with wind noise..:)

Supercharged Mitsubishi Verada GTVi Ralliart on Dyno

You you want to see a little bit of Boost....check out this magna with only 6psi gertting ramed down its throttle.. the Supercharger winding its head off.... build at hyperdrive

Magna Street Drag Day WSID
Few of the guys from Australian Magna Club go to WSID racing. This was taken back in 2005. Most of those cars are way differant now.. Red Ralliart has a Supercharger and is making 250kw atw. Mine is the Black VRX featured is now a single turbo with a street tune of 377kw atw. see my other videos to learn more.