11 Sec Twin Turbo Magna from RPW

This is the 2nd run of the Twin turbo 11 Second Front Wheel Drive Magna racing a Supercharger Ford 6cyl.

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4MYEGO... 377kw Turbo Magna Cruising the Streets With GoPro Hero4 Attached
Decided to take the Magna out for a spin today.. Charged up the new GoPro Hero4 and attached it to the side of the car. First time i've played with the GoPro & Car Together. Happy with the footage, Going to have to do it again. Sorry about the wind noise. I wanted to hear the car so you have to put up with wind noise..:)

Supercharged Mitsubishi Verada GTVi Ralliart on Dyno

Magna vs HSV CLUBSPORT ls1 Commodore (2)
Townsville dragway, second attempt against a 2002 clubby 255 ls1(manual) in my 1996 3.0L v6 magna (manual). magna wins

4MYEGO Turbo Magna Vs Turbo Starlet
Playing Silly Buggers out in the Magna with a GT Starlet. turbo Starlet was going flat out.