1970 Plymouth Road Runner Sound

383cui, 2.5", Magnaflow

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LOUD ´69 Plymouth Road Runner Wheelspin, Startup & Acceleration Sound
Today a friend of my neighbour suddenly arrived in my village with this stunning orange Plymouth Road Runner. The paintjob is not original itself, but it was originally released in exactly this colour a long time ago, when it was presented in the late 1969´s. It´s sound is just amazing. That´s why I used a tripod and stepped back :D. Please enjoy my video of this incredible muscle car, that woke me up ;D. I also did a few detail-recordings as well, which i will upload too (after editing) soon... btw Sorry for not uploading videos for a pretty long time. I just didn´t see any nice cars to film in the last 3 months :( But now i have seen a few. After finishing editing i will upload it soon ;D So, Stay Tuned!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Follow me on https://instagram.com/pooky1supercars/ Like me on https://www.facebook.com/tobias.v.d.linden.7

1970 Plymouth Superbird 440 Six-Barrel Cold Start - Full HD 1080p
Starting her up.


1970 Plymouth Road Runner last ride this year
A last ride this year with my Road Runner. Not many miles this summer, due to all the rain. Wife is driving two guy on their 40th birthday party.