Audi Common rail system explained

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Diesel Variable Geometry Turbo Introduction
Diesel Variable Geometry turbo Introduction Amazon Printed Books Amazon Kindle Edition d-keywords=vgt+turbo%2C+mandy+concepcion Android APPs The Diesel Variable Geometry turbo or turbocharger is the answer to today's demanding diesel engine requirements. turbo or turbine air induction does not mix with EGR and modern clean diesel requirements. See how a variable geometry turbocharger differs from normal turbos. Variable geometry turbos or VGTs are here to stay. They are ECM or computer controlled and use no waste gate. Used by most manufacturers (Cumming, Carterpillar & Navistar), knowledge of their operation is a must. See how it all works in this video, one inf our Diesel VGT series. Presented using advanced software CG animation technology to help you understand. Part of our Diesel and electronic series shown here on this channel. Enjoy... *************************************************************************** ********* Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle: d-keywords=mandy+concepcion Google Play Android APPs: Amazon Video DVDs: -keywords=mandy+concepcion Barnes & Noble Nook: tore=allproducts Apple iTunes iPad:

VW Touareg TDI and Audi Q7 Adblue emissions explained
Visit tm for info on the VW Touareg and Audi Q7 TDI system. See for info on the 2.0L engine in the Jetta, Golf, and Audi A3. VW Audi adblue emissions control system used on Touareg and Q7 TDI. Similar to Mercedes benz adblue. Also see ing-guide.htm for exclusive info on the 2011 VW Touareg TDI See um-faq.htm for the Audi Q7 TDI buying guide and forum

Jet Engine Animation
This sequence was Broadcast on the History Channel UK Documentary Whittle the Jet Pioneer by UK Based based CGI Animation Studio Rendermedia This App is now avaliable for free from the App Store. To read all about the Jet Engine Journey click here

How a Common Rail Diesel Injector Works and Common Failure Points - Engineered Diesel
We, at Engineered Diesel, created this video to help our customers have a better understanding of how a common rail diesel injector works, which makes it easier to understand why they fail. This video also points out common failure points within the injectors. If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms, you may need new injectors. Contact us at 616-892-8204 or visit us online at We deal primarily with Pickup Truck engines for Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke.