1974 Chevy Nova breaks left axle at SGMP TNT

My Hero's 1974 Chevy Nova Breaks the left axle on a run at South Georgia Motorsports Park on 03/29/09. He run a 7.19 on the previous run in a 3400lb car with stock axles and a mini spool.

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Mustang 10.9 1/4 mile run the axle break
Stock axles don't like running 10.s

mustang breaks axle
this video was taken at tulsa raceway in okla. the car is a fox body Mustang with a paxton charger and the axles are stock of course and the tires are brand new mickey thompsons and in this video the tires had maybe 3 passes on them.

axles break but he sticks it... In the Stix!!!!
bad ass jump

1974 Nova At Grove Creek Drag Strip Minnesota 1/8 Mile 8th 2010 Race
Starting the car inside the trailer. SHAKING THE CAMERA!!! Watch the camera shake. Funny. Getting ready for first test and tune 2010.