1974 Chevy Nova breaks left axle at SGMP TNT

My Hero's 1974 Chevy Nova Breaks the left axle on a run at South Georgia Motorsports Park on 03/29/09. He run a 7.19 on the previous run in a 3400lb car with stock axles and a mini spool.

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Dragstrip Racing at SGMP 8 8 09
Drivers were testing their cars at the "Tune-up" event at South Georgia Motorsports Park near Cecil, Georgia. This driver had more excitement than he bargained for. Watch as he escapes out of the inferno from the passenger side door! The next big event at SGMP is on August 22, 2009. Events of the day will be available on DVD (Speedway and Dragstrip).

mini spools suk
my 67 barracuda with a 9" ford and a mini spool, I ate 2 cross pins before I put in a full spool. this vid is me breaking the 2nd crosspin before I put in the strange full spool.

1974 Chevy Nova "For Sale" $6,000
1974 350sbc/350automatic runs great (828) 551-7514

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