v8 scania by gino ape team scaricamento paglia con dieci

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Scania S730T
Introduction of the Scania S730T by Vlastuin Truck&Trailerservice. Read the whole story with more photo's here:!/bigtruck-online-magazine-juli-2017-ed itie-7-bigtruck-primeur-scania-nextgen-torpedo-s73t-van-vlastuin

Scania Legend 2013: Watch a Scania R 730 V8 Streamline come to life
This time-lapse video shows a Scania R 730 Streamline being built from the ground up and subsequently delivered to the customer in Germany. Scania trucks are built using a modular product system. This allows Scania to build nearly any type of truck from a limited number of building blocks. The system ensures customers get exactly the right vehicle for their transport needs. It also means they have access to parts, as well as fast, reliable service, no matter where they are in the world. As soon as a truck is ordered, a number of processes begin. At Scania's various production units, work begins on the axles, cab, engine, frame and gearbox. Once these components are completed they are delivered to the chassis assembly line closest to the vehicle's final destination. Scania chassis assembly lines are located in Södertälje in Sweden, Angers in France, São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil and in Zwolle in the Netherlands. This video, shot on location in Zwolle, shows the assembly of a R 730 V8 truck. The process typically takes seven hours and involves some 500 people located at 65 stations along the assembly line. Once a truck leaves the assembly line, the process of adding any extras items -- for example, options requested by the customer -- can begin. This can take anything from a couple of hours to several days. It generally takes only eight weeks from the time a truck is ordered to the time the completed vehicle is delivered to the customer.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK AS WELL! earlier this week during my daly trucking job, i came by the Scania dealer in hoovliet-rotterdam. i saw thebrand net generation Scania standing tere. considering i needed to take my obligatory break ayway, so i stepped into the dealership asking if i could make a video of the truck, which theyagreed with. sorry if the video is a bit shaky. i only carry my camcorder with me during my job. enjoy! A special thanks to Scania dealer hoogvliet. Scania Nederland B.V. steenhouwerstraat 10, 3194 AG, Hoogvliet-Rotterdam. if you like this video, don't forget to hit that subscribe and thumbs up button!

Caminhões ao Extremo #83 - ESPECIAL SCANIA ft. CLANDESTINO & MENINÃO #BR
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