Boeing 767-400 thrust reverser test.

Operational test of the right engine thrust reverser after component replacement and adjustment.

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Opening Cowl and Thrust Reverser on Boeing 777 Engine GE90-90B
Opening Cowl and Thrust Reverser on Boeing 777 Engine GE90-90B Opening the fan and core cowling on a GE90-90B Jet engine. The fuel filter was changed and this requires that the engine is then run followed by a visual check to make sure there is not fuel leaking out of the fuel filter canister. The fan cowl are the doors toward the front of the engine. They are held closed by 4 latches across the bottom. The core cowl are toward that rear of the engine. They also house the thrust reversers. The core cowls are held closed by 13 latches that must be released and then re-latched in a specific order. You will notice in the video that I count the latches prior to using the power cowl opening system. The opening system is powerful enough that if a latch is missed it will be possible to break the strap mounts.

Engine reverse thrust
The reverse thrust system of a CFM56-7B. The reverser doors are cascade in nature and the interesting part is the plates within the engine which seal the bypass air deflecting it forward which aids in stopping the aircraft.

737 thrust reversers, spoilers, and flaps in down position
This is at the Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis.

Boeing 777 #2 Engine Change