Garage Bomber R32 GT-R Burnout

Garage Bomber R32 GT-R Burnout

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Garage Bomber Aki R32 GT-R 9.77@145 mph
Garage Bomber R32 GT-R. 9.77@145.

Nissan Skyline GT-R Burnout
Garage Bomber R32 Nissan Skyline burnout at IDRC Fontana, CA.

R32 GT-R In Car
R32 GT-R in car. Over the shoulder. Just a nice easy pass. Took off like I was leaving a stop light in front of a cop. That was intentional. The mis-shift was not. 12.7 @ 120 mph on this pass.

IDRC GT-R Challenge December 2008
D Sport Magazines - Video from the GT-R challenge at IDRC December 2008. Pick up the March 2009 issue of D Sport for the full video. Buy the DVD's here -