Corvair transaxle rebuild

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Corvair differential stripping under 6 mn, can you beat it ?
Here Rafman taking a 65 Corvair differential apart, for rebuilding. Check tools being used for this job. Notice, with the right tools and tunes, things can roll pretty easy. Sometimes it can be real difficult, I guess I lucked out, what a rush, yeah !

Corvair transmision install.

Corvair differential
Got done rebuilding my diff it looks a million times better than what I began with

1964 Corvair 4-Speed Manual Transaxle
I removed this 4-speed transaxle from a running, driving 4-door 1964 Corvair Monza almost 20 years ago! It has the leaf spring mount that I believe was unique to 1964 Corvairs only. Not sure if it can be used in other year cars - better check that out for yourself. I bought it as an extra that was never used. Sold my Corvair, so all the parts must go. It has been garage-stored in Colorado all those years - just grimy from the car & dusty from shop dust. Been sealed up all those years too! It has gear oil in it still, which I'll drain before I ship. Or, if you prefer to come get it, I'll leave it in! This video shows that all 4 gears engage and that the final drive works too. I can't verify the road-worthiness after all these years, but remember it was removed from a running & driving vehicle. It comes with what you see, input shaft included & both yokes are there with u-joints that will need replacing. Would like to get $150 for the transaxle. It weighs about 130 lbs. so shipping will have to be UPS (I believe they have a 150 lb weight limit. If you want it shipped, actual shipping charges apply and I'll build a crate for $50 (required for shipping).