Daves 2006 honda civic LX Straight Pipe/NO Exhaust

absolutely no Exhaust.. basically engine to Cat.

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2000 Civic Revving With Cat Back Straight Pipe Exhaust (B18C Engine)
This is a 2000 Honda Civic with a straight pipe Exhaust from the cat back. I filmed it revving for you. The Exhaust was REALLY loud, and the video doesn't even do it justice. I must say that the Civic had a B18C engine in it from a GSR, so that also caused it to be really loud. The straight pipe Exhaust on this Civic should be put on any car that wants to truly unlock some horsepower and make a TON of noise.

HOW TO make your exhaust LOUDEST
*STOP the comments on how bad the welds were. I know they were shit. Take a look at the rust I was welding on. This was one of my first times welding. I didn't know you had to get the welding surface to bare metal back then. Also, I was working with a 110 harbor freight welder.* This is a video on how to make your Exhaust straight piped but still look like you have a muffler. WARNING: Doing this mod may make your vehicle not pass inspection or emissions. Keep that in mind if you want to make your Exhaust straight piped. Check out my YouTube channel for other how-to videos and other Exhaust videos! My vehicle is a 1991 Toyota 4Runner with a 3.0 V6 5 speed. Lifted 3" with 33s. Feel free to comment with any questions.

2007 Honda Civic EX K&N SRI and Skunk2 Exhaust (before and after)
My friend and I Installed a K&N Short Ram Inake and Skunk 2 Catback Exhaust on my 2007 Honda Civic Ex 5 speed manual coupe. Cars are my favorite hobby and interest and I would redo this process again :)

EK Honda Civic Ebay Muffler: Do It Yourself
Hey youtube, were back with our 1997 civic lx which you might have seen in previous videos. Today we are putting on an ebay muffler with a removable silencer. It wasnt expensive at all, and was pretty easy to install. Check out my other videos also! For a chance to win special prizes, comment like and subscribe!! :D