2300 HP blow through Carb engine

Another monster engine brought to you by Steve Morris Engines WWW.STEVEMORRISENGINES.COM

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Josh Fugate's 1721RWHP Camaro
509" BBC F3-139 Pro-Volute Engine Built and Tuned by Steve Morris Engines www.stevemorrisengines.com

2,300+hp ProCharged SBF
427 Cubic-Inch ProCharged SBF by Steve Morris Engines www.SteveMorrisEngines.com

Ricky Sehon's 2,600+HP ProCharged BBC
This is one of our ENGINE BUILDER KITS that was slowly gathered by Ricky Sehon. We completed his build for him, did the EFI completion, and a full engine Dyno tuning session in one of our custom engine Dyno cells.

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