FREMA VIDEOS Gallatin Speedway Dirt Track Race Car Bad Crash *MUST SEE*

#8 and #27 get loose off of turn 2 both cars roll over 1 and a half times and #8 returns to finish 6th at gallatin speedway 7-11-08 dirt track racing bad crash WISSOTA....None of plethora of cautions in the modified division was as severe as the wreck that brought out the yellow flag in the street stocks main event. On lap 11, Belgrade's Robby Baxter and DJ Amundson collided going into the final turn on the back stretch sending both drivers into the concrete wall. "(Baxter) was a little wild coming out of the corner and caught my front end," Amundson said. "The bumpers hooked and that's about that last thing I remember." Baxters No. 8 car ended up on its side and Baxter's No. 27 car, new this season, flipped upside down and caught fire. Both riders were attended to quickly and didn't sustain any injuries. Amundson even patched his car up enough to return to the track and finish the race. "We just put a couple quarts of oil in it and a new tire on," Amundson said. "I just wanted to ride it out and see how it handled. I got a couple laps in there and it seemed pretty good so I just hammered down."

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I know not all of these are dirt tracks but the majority of them are dirt. I was going to add different music but copyright kept taking it down.

World of Outlaw Late Model - A-Main | Little Valley Speedway | 8-22-13
The World of Outlaws Late Model Series, 50 Lap, A-Main at Little Valley Speedway, NY on August 22, 2013! Final Results: 1. (Started: 2) Darrell Lanigan 2. (Started: 6) Dan Stone 3. (Started: 1) Josh Richards 4. (Started: 4) Shane Clanton 5. (Started: 3) Rick Eckert 6. (Started: 11) Tim McCreadie 7. (Started: 20) Bub McCool 8. (Started: 7) Eric Wells 9. (Started: 13) Dutch Davies 10. (Started: 9) Jason Dupont 11. (Started: 19) Coleby Frye 12. (Started: 10) Tim Fuller 13. (Started: 23) Chub Frank 14. (Started: 22) Vic Coffey 15. (Started: 17) Billy Decker 16. (Started: 8) Morgan Bagley 17. (Started: 12) Bump Hedman 18. (Started: 18) Brent Rhebergen 19. (Started: 16) Greg Oakes 20. (Started: 21) Dick Barton 21. (Started: 14) Rick 'Boom' Briggs 22. (Started: 5) Mike Knight 23. (Started: 15) Clint Smith 24. (Started: 24) David Scott Go Visit Little Valley Speedway! ●Little Valley Speedway: ●World of Outlaws: ●Keep Connected: ●Subscribe to our channel: ●Like us on Facebook:

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