SOLD: Honda Accord Airbags and Module - How To Tutorial

I could not find a good tutorial on how to do this, so I filmed mine with a GoPro Hero as a reference. This is in a 1996 Honda Accord 4 door 4 cylinder automatic. I am not a tech, mechanic, or anything of the sort, so you will probably see 19 things I did wrong, etc. I am not claiming to be any kind of authority on the matter, just a guy that would have benefited from having something like this prior to doing the R and R. I should also mention that I mistakenly purchased airbags for a 1995, and the plugs are different. It may be as simple as clipping the old wire and splicing the new plug, however with my limited knowledge I didn't want to take the chance. I am selling a pair with module for only $300 if anyone is interested.

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How to replace / change an Air Bag 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Honda Accord REPLACE DIY
How to replace / change an Air Bag 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Honda Accord REPLACE DIY AH Parts Dismantlers / 877-859-0023 AH Parts sells only used Honda & Acura parts! Want notifications of our new arrivals and other news? Like us on Facebook at

Airbag Systems How to Test a Clock Spring
If you have any questions about this video or any other tech support issue we would be happy to help. Please DO NOT CALL or office with these questions, send us an email with any details and we will have someone look up the information and reply back. You can send an email to us through our web site. airbagsystems com - Thank you. 

How To Reset SRS Light on a Honda
This is how to reset (disable) airbag SRS light procedure for honda accord and civic vehicles. Civic, EP3, Fit, City, jazz, CRV, and many more honda/acura vehicle. Espanol. (Hard part is finding the location to plug). This video shows how to reset your SRS light in case you forgot to plug in a air bag or repaired a broken seat belt. ONLY unplug that cable. You do not need any special tools other than a wire and some wire cutters. There is a tools specifically for this but it is pointless seeing as how it is only used for this specifically. Leave a comment if you have any questions. I get an email and I will reply ASAP. This should work for honda civics 95-00. This was done on a 97 civic. If my video has helped you, please consider donating to my channel. This shows you really enjoyed the video and would like to see more! Thank you Vehicles that it has worked on (Reported by viewers): 94-05 Honda civic 95 Honda Accord 98 Honda Accord 00-02 Honda Accord 1998, 2006 Honda CRV 2002 Acura RSX (Several Tries) 2005 Honda Jazz (No Year Given) 1999 Honda Avancier 1995 Prelude 2003 Honda Fit

how to know or diagnose airbag SRS air bag control module if its blown on honda or acura rvice for airbag module repair service this video will show you how to reset and or diagnose your airbag control module without a scanner to see if its blown or good same procedure on the following cars This video will show you how to diagnose the Honda AIRBAG, SRS Module and see if its good or bad airbag module. If the airbag module has a crash data stored. If the car was in an accident. If the Airbag module needs to be reset or repaired. This video will only work for all Honda and Acura cars and will determine if the AIRBAG SRS MODULE or computer is good. If you follow the steps in the video and at the end of the reset procedure the airbag light doesn't blink 2 times but lights up and stays on you need to replace or reset the crash data. 97 Acura CL 98 Acura CL 01 Acura CL-S 03 Acura CL 96 Acura Integra LS 97 Acura Integra 98 Acura Integra GSR 99 Acura Integra GS 00 Acura Integra GSR 01 Acura MDX 00 Acura TL 02 Acura TL 03 Acura TL S-Series 94 Honda Civic EX 95 Honda Civic DX 96 Honda Civic DX 96 Honda Civic EX 97 Honda Civic LX 97 Honda Civic EX 99 Honda Civic EX 99 Honda Civic DX 00 Honda Civic Si 01 Honda Civic LX 01 Honda Civic EX 02 Honda Civic EX 02 Honda Civic SS 03 Honda Civic LX 04 Honda Civic EX 04 Honda Civic VP 05 Honda Civic 86 Honda Accord LX 95 Honda Accord 96 Honda Accord 96 Honda Accord (Euro) 97 Honda Accord EX 98 Honda Accord 99 Honda Accord 00 Honda Accord EX 00 Honda Accord LX 00 Honda Accord SE 01 Honda Accord EX 02 Honda Accord EX 03 Honda Accord 98 Honda CR-V EX 98 Honda CR-V LX 99 Honda CR-V 00 Honda CR-V 02 Honda CR-V 04 Honda CR-V EX 94 Honda Del Sol 95 Honda Del Sol S 99 Honda Odyssey 01 Honda Odyssey EX 02 Honda Odyssey EX 03 Honda Pilot Honda Element air bag light on, airbag light on, air bag computer, airbag computer, air bag module, airbag module, bag repair, repair bag, air bag module repair, airbag module repair, vw airbag module,air bag prices, air bag cost 77960-S10-A91 77960-S2A-J81 77960-S03-G81-M2 77960-S3M-A11 77960-S3V-C020 77960-S3V-C111 77960-S04-N92-M1 77960-S04-N93-M2 77960-S04-N94 77960-S9A-A222 77960-S9A-A810-M2 77960-S9V-A012 77960-S9V-A012-M1 77960-S9V-A013-C1 77960-S9V-A220 77960-S9V-A511-M1 77960-S9V-A512 77960-S10-A81 77960-S10-A91 77960-S10-A92 77960-S84-A72 77960-S84-A81 77960-S84-A84 77960-SCA-G012-M1 77960-SCV-A012 77960-SDA A815 77960-SDA-A620-M2 77960-SDA-A720 77960-SDA-A730 77960-SDA-A820 77960-SDA-C014 77960-SDA-C015 77960-SDA-C043 77960-SDA-C132-M1 77960-SDA-C133 77960-SDA-C211 77960-SDA-C311 77960-SDA-D310 77960-SDA-Y111 77960-SDA-Y620 77960-SDN-A831-M1 77960-SDN-C020-M1 77960-SDN-C032-M1 77960-SDN-C042 77960-SDN-C122 77960-SDR-A012-M4 77960-SDR-A021-M4 77960-SDR-L011-M4 77960-SEA-G820-M1 77960-SEC-C020-M1 77960-SEC-C041 77960-SEC-C103 77960-SEP-A011 77960-SEP-A111 77960-SEP-A120 77960-SEP-A121 77960-SEP-A212-M1 77960-SHJ-C014-M1 77960-SHJ-C022-M1 77960-SJA-A030-M2 77960-SKN-E014-M1 77960-SLN-L220-M1 77960-SLN-L230 77960-SLN-L230-M1 77960-SMG-G013-M1 77960-SMG-G110 M1 77960-SNA-A230 M1 77960-SNA-A214 77960-SNA-A216-M1 77960-SNA-A219 77960-SNA-A219-M1 77960-SNA-A220-M1 77960-SNA-A230-M1 77960-SNA-L220 77960-SNB-G215-M1 77960-SOK-A82 77960-SOK-A91 77960-SOX-A82 77960-SOX-L810 77960-SOX-L813-M1 77960-SOX-L814 M1 77960-SS8-A81 77960-ST7-N92 77960-STK-A210-M2 77960-STX-A010 77960-STX-A010-M1 77960-SV4-A92 77960-SV4-A95 77960-SV5-A93 77960-SV7-A93 77960-SVA-A95 77960-SVA-A211-M1 77960-SVA-A221-M1 77960-SVA-A240 77960-SWA-A213 77960-SWA-A220-M1 77960-SWA-L210 77960-SZ3-A920 77960-SZA-A012 77960-SZA-R012-M1 77960-T0A-L013 77960-T0A-N012 77960-T0A-N013 77960-TA0-A020 77960-TA0-A031 77960-TA0-A011-M4 77960-TAO-A011-M4 77960-TA0-A020 77960-TAO-A020 77960-TA0-A031 77960-TAO-A031 77960-TE0-A012 77960-TEO-A012 77960-TK4-A011 77960-TK5-A011 77960-TK5-A011-M1 77960-TK6-A011-M1 77960-TK6-A041 77960-TK6-A042 77960-TL0-G920-M1 77960-TL2-A011 77960-TLO-A012-M1 77960-TM8-A011-M2 77960-TM8-G811-M2 77960-TOA-A012 77960-TR0-A013 77960-TRO-A013 77960-TR0-A014 77960-TRO-A014 77960-TS8-A012 Honda SRS Computer 77960-SJA-A050-M2 77960-stx-a211-M1 77960-stx-a311-M1 77960-STX-A420-M1 77960-STX-A520-M1 77960-SZN-A210-M1 77960-SZT-A011-M2 77960-SZT-E811-M2 77960-SZT-G811-M2 77960-SZT-L010-M2 77960-tk8-a011-M1 77960-tk8-a110-M1 77960-TM8-A020-M2 77960-TM8-A031-M2 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Vehix411 APP for all your genatic, manufacturer spacific trouble codes and oil reset" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-