Hellaflush Japan FUJI SPEEDWAY 10.01.2011 fatlace weksos rotiform osakaJDM 4

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Its JDM Yo x Royal Origin - Think You Can Stance Competition
"Are you so low that it takes an hour to angle up that slightly inclined driveway that even my 90 year old grandfather can wheel chair up by himself? Do you think you have the best technique and style for getting up that fucked up driveway? Then prove it!" At the first ever Its JDM Yo - You Think You Can Stance? competition a variety of vehicles came to check it out and accept the challenge. Watch the hightlight portion here: http://vimeo.com/35562314 ItsJDMYo.com Royal-Origin.com Filmed & Edited By: Shavi W.

漢のカリーナバン AA63 TA63 クルマ低く人も低く 旧車 街道レーサー
富士のフィスコで シャコタン祀り行われまして・・・ ・ 参加してた中で熱いクルマを撮影してみましたwww シフト位置、メーターパネルなど無いのは 製作中だそうなので ご理解下さい。 クルマ低く 人も低く・・・・漢っつか、最高ですwww

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Hellaflush JAPAN2011

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Hellaflush JAPAN2011