1978 Fiat X1/9

here's my fiat after putting in a newly rebuilt engine. Kolbenshmidt Pistons, bored to 87.mm balanced crank, lightened fly wheel, new clutch and plate, Accel wires and coil a few other extra's. running strong!

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X1/9 Motor

Fiat x1/9 - After 20 years in a barn
Barnfind, fiat x1/9 (1978 production year) i picked up and towed home AFTER 20 YEARS. it parked in a barn since 1994. still not running half a year later (jajaja fiat, luckily iam not the fkn owner) so the owner parked it in a barn again.

Fiat x 1/9 motor tuning (with turbo)

1978 Fiat X19 Startup and Idling x/19
Italian twin weber 36 dncva 11/100s Comp tronix distributorless ignition full set including coils Gearbox has had a full rebuild. Street Legal Semi slicks yokohama advan 032R tires etc Thanks for looking