PPE Duramax Powered Boat - Half Throttle Cruising

1995 Ultimate Warlock powered by 05 LLY Duramax running on blend of B50 Biodiesel.. Some video of [40-55%] part throttle testing with the new 37 pitch "Cutting Edge" prop, on a cool fall day. Lowest cruising speed keeping on plane was 35mph @ 1500 RPM, upper cruising speed 67mph @ 2700 RPM. Hatch open for heat....

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Mastercraft X80 Duramax

Duramax Boat 80 MPH on [B100] Biodiesel
10/20/12 Long Bottom Ohio. Back to Back 1km runs to establish a top speed for a single engine piston powered diesel boat running on B100 fuel. Engine is a stock rod LLY Duramax turbo diesel, drive is Mercury Bravo1 XR 1.26:1 with a 37 pitch prop. Fuel used was straight biodiesel [B100] made from recycled and second use feedstocks. Top speed was 79mph radar, 80mph GPS, in light chop. Boat is sponsored by PPE and Alternative Fuels Research Group LLC: www.altfuelsgroup.org

Duramax Boat - Rollin Coal
A little hole shot action with the fuel trim cranked up... Compliments of a LLY Rich/Lean MAF controller from Duramax Tuners.

Duramax Boat - Cold Start Take Off
From trailer to cruising speed. Rear facing GoPro.