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The worst of the worst .Nothing more to say. Music: La Caution - The a la menthe (hate it? mute the damn thing and enjoy!!)

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Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape June 2011
Bad drivers and other incidentals caught on my dash cam while at work in late May through June. All these are in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The music just the local oldies station. In the fast lane of music there are good songs and a few crappy ones.

Worst Driver Ever
On Our way to Kansas City from Columbia Missouri, along I-70 what seemed liked a tall man was rocking back and forth in the back seat of this infinity sedan ahead of us. The car was a danger to other cars around, but any attempt to pass was met with an non-signaled cut off and then the woman driving would put on her brakes. At first you'd think this was just a pathetic driver, but the "man" in the back seat turned out to be a 10-12 year old boy who was flipping off truck drivers while getting them to honk, and giving the bird to other cars. The cars hazards would come on randomly while driving in the fast lane. There was a younger boy up front. Neither kid had their seatbelt on, this one in the back kept opening the window and leaning out really far and screaming into this telephone. At one point both kids were facing us giving us the bird, for no reason other than...we were watching. Then the older one kept mooning us. Classy driving lady, You're a real winner.

Italy's worst driver on the road (Parking Fail in Naples) Thanks to salvuz michielli: A (angry) man fails miserably at driving a fiat 500... probably my favorite funny video about drivers on YouTube. The most embarrassed u turn ever. Italian driver's U-turn attempt brings Naples street to a guffawing standstill. A driver tries and fails to execute a U-turn in a narrow street in Naples. A squadron of bikers turns up; then, a religious procession, flanked by yellow-jacketed members of the civil defence service... Think you're bad at three point turns? Driver holds up two cars, group of motorbikes and a church procession before almighty row breaks out in Naples. El coche que provoca la locura colectiva en Nápoles, una broma? Los protagonistas del incidente reconocer ser actores, pero no desvelan por qué lo hicieron ni detalles de su 'actuación'. En el vídeo se puede ver cómo un conductor, de avanzada edad, realiza extrañas maniobras con su vehículo. A base de insistir consiguió fue incrustar el diminuto coche entre otros dos turismos formando una barrera para los que en aquellos momentos se aproximaban a la calle, para colmo, en las dos direcciones. Antes la pasividad del protagonista de la historia, que simulaba muy bien que no sabía qué hacer para salir del lío en el que se había metido, el resto de conductores y público en general llegó a rodear al vehículo responsable del caos. Por fortuna para el actor, la sangre no llegó al río, entre otras cosas por la oportunísima aparición de un cura -otro actor, se supone- que estaba participando en una procesión muy cerca de la zona cero. El sacerdote logra apaciguar los ánimos y, con sus indicaciones, ayuda a que el conductor pueda salir de su laberinto de torpeza. Tras las maniobras pertinentes, el coche logra volver a una posición vertical, lo que provoca el aplauso unánime de la media Nápoles que fue testigo de tan singular y convincente actuación. Um condutor tentou fazer uma manobra aparentemente simples, mas acabou num autêntico caos. O vídeo, que já se tornou viral, passou-se numa rua de Nápoles. O dono de um Fiat mediu mal as distâncias e tentou fazer uma inversão de marcha num sítio onde mal cabia um carro. O caos instalou-se, em segundos, à volta daquela situação. Populares, polícia e até uma procissão levaram uma verdadeira comédia a esta rua de Itália. Thank you for your interest in supporting CarCrash2012. Car crash compilation with original sound only. You can send your videos to (You must own all the rights to the video and it cannot contain copyrighted music or soundtrack). Check out my network, Creative Nation here :

Stupid Car Accident - Dumb Woman Drives Into Man While Parking Crash Funny Epic Fail
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