Super SAAB is ALIVE!!!

This is my 2006 Cobalt SS/SC. I blew my motor at 82k from being young and dumb... I replaced the motor on my own with the help of a friend. Neither of us had every done any engine work EVER. AT ALL. It was swapped to a Saab 9-3 B207R motor and all needed items to make it work out for us. It's on a horrible 1 hour tune that is just to make it drive and idle. In 3 days, I will have a full tune to make it work like a dream. MODS: 80lb Injectors ZZP 3.0 Pulley Pacesetter Header K & N Intake B & M Short Shift Kit FE5 Struts Lowered on Goldline's LNF Transmission Mounts LNF Upgraded Shifter Bracket ZZP Strut Tower Brace Probably missing stuff, but that's life.

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Cobalt SS/SC Powercruise 2014 - Roll Racing -Super Saab - Machinima - Bratboy90
This is my 06' Cobalt SS Supercharged out at BIR in Brainerd, MN doings some roll races an drags. Had a ton of fun. Lots of great people. So excited for next year. Glad I brought the Go-Pro this year. Mods at start. The blue car I have the Go-Pro on is me driving my wifes Ion Redline. Mods at start of video as well. PM me for detailed information. #Powercruiseusa

Saab 9-3 Sleeper - Budget Big Turbo Build - Part 1
I just want to mention that this is just a hobby, so excuse the shitty welds, this car was build in a shed. I also want to stress I do not care about this car much other than the engine, so certain things are done with no regard to aesthetics. Excuse the weird music, cant use anything nowadays because of youtube's fucking copyright policy I got this car for cheap, and most of the parts for cheap, with the goal of making a very fast 'sleeper' that I can troll people on the road in un unsuspecting old saab. The car also serves as a cheap way (if I blow it up) to learn about tuning, as the ECU is remappable via free open source software (T5 suite) which is something that interests me. These saabs have the legendary B204 block which is very strong and can handle big power. I am aiming for 330+ bhp minimum. Eventually I want to put a holset turbo on it and try get 500bhp. Part 2 will be a while yet as I've ran into many problems (Injector problem, Exhaust leaks, manifold leaks) Spec so far: Larger chinese turbo (seemingly good quality, made 300+ hp on SR20) (size TBC) Full 2.5 inch Intercooler piping and large front mount Intercooler Top mount turbo manifold 3 inch downpipe Exhaust diverter valve (for maximum stealth, quiet when through factory Exhaust, super loud/no restriction through side exit) 875cc injectors Oil cooler HID headlights Much much more Custom power steering lines SR20DET S14 Radiator To be done for part 2: Side exit Exhaust 3 Bar map sensor Live mapping Wideband install

Saab 9-3 Aero gets Tuned
We head out to Albany, New York to get the Saab tuned by MPS Tuning. Stay tuned for more Saab videos and eurotrash stuff.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '99 Saab Viggen
It may be the fastest production Saab... actually built by Saab.