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Menu nascosto Opel Corsa "D"

Il video che ho fatto è per farvi vedere il menu nascosto non presente nel manuale della opel corsa D (anche Corsa D Restyling). Funzionamento: Inserire la chiave, accendete il quadro, premere 4 volte il tastino vicino allo schermetto sul quadro, (3 volte consecutive invece la 4 tenere premuto per circa 10 secondi) fino a quando non vi cambiano le cifre. Per andare avanti basta premere una volta il tastino. Per azzerare il tutto basta sfilare la chiave... Per vedere foto, schemi o diventare fans; vieni a visitarmi sulla pagina facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paccandrocchia92


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Menù segreto Opel corsa D - 1/2
Menù segreto n.1 (quadro strumenti)

Menù segreto Opel Corsa D - 2/2
Menù segreto n.2 (Triple Info Display)

OPEL Corsa - Oil and Oil Filter Change
Follow us on Facebook! - http://facebook.com/ZsinorMotors Exclusive videos, pictures, information and more... Made with ❤ in Hungary. Opel Corsa C 1.2 Twinport (2004) / Vauxhall Corsa / Holden Barina / Chevrolet Corsa / Opel Vita / Castrol Magnatec 5W40 (Fully Synthetic) Genuine GM Oil Filter --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- opel corsa c 1.2 twinport 2004 wir leben autos vauxhall holden barina chevrolet chevy vita 1200 cc cm3 model general motors gm automobile zsinor motors 2011 2012 2013 2014 car cars and & motorcycle motorcycles 720p 1080p hd full zsm logo bike motorbike motorbikes bikes hungary hungarian hun magyar magyarország english england united kingdom ireland scotland wales deutsch deutschland ger eng german germany how to replace change the oild and the oid filter on in your GM ölwechsel und ölsiebwechsel olajcsere és olajszűrő csere tutorial do castrol magnatec 5 w 40 nova buick sail classic celta plus chevy suzuki fun prisma swing lite montana meriva corsavan van supermini english: oil and gm oil filter change deutsch: ölwechsel und gm ölsiebwechsel magyar: olajcsere és gm olajszűrő csere

2014 Opel Corsa OPC NRE (210hp) - DRIVE & SOUND (1080p)
Today I present to you the full Drive & Sound with the 2013/2014 Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa OPC (VXR) as the special Nürburgring Edition. This car has the same 1.6 turbo as the "regular" OPC but now with 210hp and 280 OverBoost Nm. If you wonder why you hear only little Exhaust sound, the simple reason is that this car (at least outside) has almost no sound. It's a bit sad, but does not make the drive in this beast less thrilling. By any standards it is very very quick, even at higher speeds on the Autobahn and there a very few cars in the compact class that can keep up with this. Playing with potent Audi's and BMW's is just a joy and even a Golf 7 GTI driver was a bit disappointed when I was able to keep up with him;-) As in the Astra OPC the limited slip diff. is very powerful in corners, the quicker you drive the better it gets! And the Recaro bucket seats even with the Nordschleife proven Bilstein suspension are good enough for a few houndred miles at a piece. If you LIKE this please COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!

Remove and repair of the Opel Corsa D air vent grill
I removed my corsa air vent because I had to repair the plates turning. Try It at home, Its a cheap way to make things better. Take care with plastic things or you have to use super glue :) The hardest thing is to avoid scratches. Music freely downloadable and distributable: remix.kwed.org. Dalion Day (Electro SiD Remix) - Peter W - Daniel Ortiz & Stello Doussis Tristesse - Mordi - Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)

Оклейка автомобиля Opel Corsa
Оклейка автомобиля прозрачной пленкой KPMF

Centre Dashboard Clock Radio Bulb Replacement - Vauxhall Opel
Find out which colour you need before trying to buy your bulbs. Replacing the 2 bulbs behind the heater controls is more involved. I hope to shoot a video for those soon..

Opel Corsa D illuminazione interna a led blu + manometri Defi BF + NAVI
Modifiche artigianali su opel corsa D

Menù nascosto Opel Corsa 1.2 GPLTech 2010
Ecco un video che mostra il menù nascosto dell'Opel Corsa, permette di visualizzare vari valori scorrendo fra le varie opzioni... Qualcuno sa di preciso ogni schermata a cosa si riferisce? Guida per farlo apparire: Premere 4 volte il tasto per azzerare i km, 3 volte veloce e la quarta tenere premuto fino a quando non compare la schermata. Per viaggiare nel menù basta premere il tasto. Cosa significano le schermate: 1- Data di produzione di qualcosa 2- Software e versione 3- // 4- Velocità e contagiri digitale 5- Qualcosa riguardo le luci 6- Livello luce cruscotto e temperatura liquido refrigerante 7-10- // 11- Litri carburante del serbatoio, autonomia istantanea col carburante residuo e autonomia media col carburante residuo 12- Consumo istantaneo 13- Ore di guida e km effettuati dopo il tagliando

Menú nascosto Opel Corsa D
A motore spento usate questa procedura per accedere al menu nascosto della Corsa D...premete 3 volte il pulsantino e ripremetelo una quarta volta tenendolo premuto circa 10 secondi

CORSA 1.0 TURBO | @1KG | BBS 17 | 185/35
CURTA : https://www.facebook.com/downkingsdks

Pulizia valvola EGR e tubo di aspirazione dell'aria con un PULIZIA DEL FORNO
Come pulire una valvola EGR e il tubo di aspirazione dell'aria con un pulizia del forno su una Renault Clio 2 1.5 dci. Pulizia SENZA SMANTELLARE qui : http://youtu.be/BkZappINoDw Questo modello di valvola EGR è anche sulla : Renault Clio 3 1.5 D / 1.5 dci 65 cv - Renault Kangoo 1.5 dci - Renault Megane 2 1.5 dci - Renault Modus 1.5 dci - Renault Scénic 2 1.5 dci - Renault Thalia/Symbol 1.5 dci - Nissan Micra 3/Kubistar 1.5 dci - Dacia Logan 1.5 dci - Susuki Jimny 1.5 DDiS Questo video non costituisce o sostituire un vero e proprio manuale tecnico specializzato, ed è stato fatto per comodità e scopi educativi. "Tuto4BuildInt" non dà alcuna garanzia di alcun tipo e non accetta responsabilità. "Tuto4BuildInt" non sarà responsabile per danni a cose o lesioni a persone che utilizzano le informazioni contenute in questo video. L'uso delle informazioni contenute in questo video è a vostro rischio.

Corsa A-A
HIER DIE FORTESTZUNG........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmqwqdfyTJI

Spring burnout Opel corsa
Running on gasoline. A bit too rich on fuel at the moment. Throttlewire came of during the first burnout.

Opel O-Mega becomes something else
Time to do something with our giant wheeled Omega. Tijd om iets te doen met onze Omega met grote wielen. Check out our playlists for more: Crazy Offroads: http://bit.ly/1fChTsG Amazing Car Jumps: http://bit.ly/1dTFl5b Own Creations: http://bit.ly/OTmdim Fire / flamethrower!! http://bit.ly/1pV2jBe Destructions!! http://bit.ly/NN949f Driving Away: http://bit.ly/NnwEJX Hangover-Cars: http://bit.ly/1c1gQYg Here you can find all kinds of video's and information about the crazy stuff the Sas-team does. Cars that can rollover forwards, cars being destroyed, amazing stunts and even some Music, it's all here. Mastermilo has been created to let everybody enjoy the fun things a Group of friends, that call themselves the Sas-team, do. The Sas-team was formed by a group of friends that did local dirt track races, and speedway races. When they stopped racing, they started making strange creations and doing insane stunts at their workshop. To show their friends and colleagues what they did every weekend they started recording it and posted it on Youtube. Now Mastermilo is a Youtube channel with a large fan base. We continue to do the stuff we like and our fans like! And we hope it will keep you entertained! To find out more about who we are, Subscribe to our channel!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1991 Opel Corsa А: 14.648 @ 100.000
Paco, Engine: 20XE, Tires: 195 - 50 - 15

1998 Opel Corsa B, Gsi: 14.820 @ 91.000
axel, Tires: Toyo 888 Semi slicks

1998 Opel Corsa B: 14.831 @ 91.000
Axel, Engine: X1.6XE, Tires: Toyo 888

2000 Vauxhall Corsa 2.0l Redtop: 14.986 @ 92.160
Darren Copping, Engine: 2.0l Redtop,

1997 Opel Corsa B: 15.000 @ 0.000
Johan Schaap, Engine: 2.0 16v, Tires: toyo t1-r

2000 Vauxhall Corsa Club: 15.035 @ 93.950
Jay Carr, Engine: 2.0 16v conversion,

1998 Opel Corsa B GSI: 15.120 @ 91.000
axel, Engine: 1620cc, Tires: Toyo 888 Semi-Slicks

1998 Opel Corsa B (Chevy pop mexico): 16.960 @ 78.760
Jorge A. Trevio Garca, Engine: 1.8L 8V MPFI, Tires: TOYO PROXES FZ4 205/40/16

2006 Opel Corsa speed: 16.989 @ 80.000
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2000 Vauxhall Corsa SXi Easitronic: 18.900 @ 72.000


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