7 1/4 0-4-0 Battery Electric. Cab Ride

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The NB1 Battery Electric Locomotive
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Barton House Railway 7 1/4 loco Sparky Rebuld.
Barton House Railway locomotive. This loco is 32 years old and has bean used at the railway for this time. The track shown in this film is at my home and is not the Barton House Railway.

300 watt motor test on 5 inch gauge loco
Testing an My1018 300 watt scooter motor on my five inch gauge locomotive. In this test the motor is running on 12 volts and pulling one adult up a 2.5% gradient. http://www.facebook.com/bellariaalpinenorthern http://www.bellariaalpinenorthern.org

7&1/4 Gauge - Design
This video is the first of a new series (and new playlist) which would essentially be a video blog of my 7 and 1/4 inch gauge ride on railway build. This video covers the last 6 month when I was planning this in my head. I wanted to keep it very realistic of what I can build and what I should be aiming for. List is a huge learning curve for me and hopefully you will be able to learn from it too. My SketchUp (version 16) drawing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw1XOPtMPlsNYzhweU05eXRIbjg/view?usp=shari ng