Ford probe Illegal street racing

KLZE? KLDE? Nitro? Boost? we dont know.

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BBC top Gear UK Classic episode Ford Probe Review 1992
This is from 1992 and Jezzer is still wearing the same clothes :))))

Из Грязи в Князи для Avtoman - Ford Probe II V6
Видео для проекта Антона Воротникова "Тачка на прокачку". Москва. Ford Probe 2, 1997 г.в., 2.5L V6 KL-DE. Мы на Drive2: Я в ВК: Я в instagram: Почта: Моб. 89261586538

Insane Exhaust Sound - Straight Pipe´s Probe GT
My Probe GT Straight Pipe´s Exhaust Mods : - Stainless Steel Racing Headers Wrapped in Exhaust Heat Wrap : - High Flow Cat Converter : - 4 Mufflers ( Bike Style ) Note : the smoke comming out from the Exhaust is condensation, when i shoot the video the temperature was - 14°C

Ford Probe Meeting Brzeg 2008
Ford Probe Meeting in Brzeg (Poland) 2008 movie by Basf_wroclaw