Shocking Motorcycle Crash into Bicycles

Rider hits cyclists coming out of a turn on Mulholland Hwy. Cyclists didn't appear to have serious injuries. Note about cyclists and riders co-existing on this famous 2 mile stretch of road. Even though bicycles are up here in increasing numbers, this is the first time a bicycle has been hit by a motorcycle In the four years I've been up here. Motorcycle riders of all skill levels come up here to ride. The rider was not speeding & riding fine until he hit his foot and stood the bike up causing the bike to go wide. He then target fixated on the cyclist. . Here is a similar crash - There are many more just like it. It is a very common type of crash on this turn. Just usually no one is there and the rider falls alone. It is very unfortunate, and a rare case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We wish the cyclists a speedy recovery. Great Link for Riders - Why Do We Panic in a Turn - Update on Cyclist from Comments -" This was my friend visiting from England who was struck first. (I was further back on the hill when the accident happened and am one of the guys who comes in the picture to his assistance). He's doing ok today, was discharged from the hospital yesterday with no broken bones. Miraculously.." Google Maps Link -

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Unexpectedly cars hit the motorcycles & other motorbike crashes / fails | Part 4
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Close Calls Compilation
Motorcycle rider near crash clips I've collected over the last couple years.

Car Crashes Hard into Hillside - 4K UHD
Crazy capture since I was so close. Shot with a Panasonic GH4 that also does 4k video. The driver claimed he slid on water. He was uninjured.

Fast 2WD Electric Bicycle - Top Speed 50mph
Fast custom built 2 wheel drive electric bicycle by CORBINFIBER electric cycles. capable of high speeds on level roads with 37 mile range. Charge time is 2 hours. He's not selling the fast ones, only street legal ones. His contact info is below. If you want to try to build one of these on your own here is a good resource Also on Facebook A couple things he mentioned that was not in the video. future plans are CARBON and HEMP fiber monocoque frames and upgraded hydraulic brakes with additional RE-GEN braking Current battery weighs 28 lbs, total bike weight with battery is 80lbs. with duel electromagnetic hub motors. Read this before attempting to build one of these.