Bonneville Salt Flats Vintage Art Arfons Breedlove Race Car Footage 1

Bonneville, Old Days.

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Art Alfons "The Green Monster"
The most famous "Green Monster" was powered by an ex-F-104 Starfighter General Electric J79 jet engine, producing 17,500 lbf (78 kN) static thrust with four-stage afterburner, which Arfons purchased from a scrap dealer for $600 and rebuilt himself, over the objections of General Electric and the government, and despite all manuals for the engine being classified top secret.

Art Arfons and Green Monster, Nov. 1966
In November 1966, Art Arfons returned to the Bonneville Salt Flats to reclaim the land speed record from his rival, Craig Breedlove. Their speed duel was two years old by this point. Art had set the record three times, Breedlove five. Each record had nearly cost Art his life, for his Green Monster jet car had a bad habit of blowing a rear tire at high speeds. To guard against this, he installed double rear tires for 1966. His goal: to better Breedlove's mark of 600.601 mph. This footage is from Art's first two days on the Salt, November 14 and 15, 1966. This video was created by Samuel Hawley, author of "Speed Duel: The Inside Story of the Land Speed Record in the Sixties," the most comprehensive published account of the Arfons-Breedlove LSR story. Here's my home page: The music is a cover by Ben Turk of Frank Klepacki's "Hell March." Check out Ben's Youtube channel here: