1958 Cadillac Runs &Drives After 15 years!

I just got this car running good enough to start driving it short distances. Fixed the Exhaust, brakes, carb, fuel pump and washed it!

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1958 Cadillac Runs & Drives After 15 Years & Commentary
I'm proud to say I have resurrected this car. It sat in a car port for 15 years but now she "runs like a sewing machine." New Exhaust pipes, carb from another car (63 Pontiac), rebuilt wheel cylinders for the brakes, new brake hoses, front end stabilizer pins and a few other things. Now she rides like a, well... Like a Cadillac!.. Next will be cleaning the fuel tank and fixing the fuel gauge...

cowboy loves his 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

cadillac cabbning1
4 Crazy skumbags chop the top of a cadillac sedan deville 1958! 3 days prior to the big Wheels Nationals meet i Umeå sweden!

1958 Arrives
The new girl on the trailer