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I think Tony Stark has one of these as well. mykarz: "...those scooters actually came as an optional accessory with i think it was a civic or accord in like 82-83. They were built to specifically fit in the trunk of that car, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  Only however many cars that were sold in that time span that had those scooters added, are how many of those that exist. Its a super rare little scooter, so you're lucky to see one."

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Would one of these 7 awesome personal transportation machines make traveling even better? You'll wish you had these machines to impress your friends! ! Tell us in the comments below which transportation machine was your favorite? POPULAR MINDS EYE DESIGN PLAYLISTS 💥 AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES That Could Change How We Travel NEW OUTDOOR GADGETS & Equipment YOU WILL LOVE AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES That Could Change How You Travel FEATURED PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION MACHINES ⭐ 7.Streeter As soon as we saw this design we knew we should feature this awesome Machine. But this Trike isn't anything we have seen before? You dont sit on it but stand? It doesn't even have a handle bar but more like a huge joystick that comes out of the top mount of the machine. So I guess its more of a scooter than a Trike? 6.Yikebike YikeBike is another super awesome machine you have to see to believe! YikeBike delivers your personal freedom. Freedom from congestion, freedom from rush hour traffic, freedom from parking hassles and freedom from fuel bills. YikeBike provides you the freedom you have desired for so long … YikeBike design offers an indulgence, fun and freedom encompassed inside technology. YikeBike is a fashion statement and an extension of your personality. Innovative design delivers time, safety and efficiency in portability. 5. WePed Look at these awesome customization E-Scooter! We wouldn't suggest cruising down any highways in th US with these but apparently if you are in South Korea you can. Created in South Korea, The Weped version R is described as being a must have item for adults like me who are still children at heart. The board is meant to encourage closeness as it is made to be ridden with other riders. 4.GausWheel The Gaus wheel is like a hybrid between a scooter and a Unicycle. Except people wont just stare, more like they will follow you around waiting for you to let them try this machine out them selves! The vehicle could be described as a monowheel, solowheel or a scooter. This personal transportation scooter is made of high quality composite materials like carbon fiber and aluminium alloy. It is also equipped with Tektro hydraulic brake system. With that kind of break system in kinda makes you wonder how you would stay on this machine when hitting the brakes? 3. Walk-Wing "With Walk Wing, the retractable wheels you can slip onto you shoes, you can walk and ride as though there are wings on your feet". Or so they say? These are definitely a different type of roller skates? Wearing just about any shoes (I wouldn't suggest any ladies trying these out with their heels though), you slip on the casing, strap yourself in, and lower the wheels with a flick of a switch. When you encounter an area not ideal for wheels, you can quickly change back to walking with the same switch. The retractable wheels will be raised, leaving you to walk with your flat shoes. 2.URB-E When I first started writing a review on this product I couldn't help but notice they seem to have something against UBER? I mean even their name URB-E is a "Anagram of UBER... There slogan states "Stop wasting money on UBER Start saving with URB-E today"! I dont know about you but when I take an UBER its usually because I dont feel like getting a DUI so I dont know if riding this bike is the greatest idea either? I mean imagine being drunk and riding on this little foldable e-bike? I dont think I would make it past the first curb.... ? 1.X1 E-Bike The X1 Folding Electric E-Bike dubbed "The Worlds Coolest E-Bike" is definitely my favorite on the list. That's probably why I made it number 1.. Whether you "love to Explore" or just want a "carefree commute" the X1 has something for everyone! Skip the traffic and avoid the hassles of finding parking. Arrive cool and comfortable after your breezy, fast, and fun commute! All these are the great selling points on their website. But what do you really think? Well... Lets compare. The weight ranges from 40 to 45lbs. A little heavy yes. But you have incredible speed of 20 to 25mph and ranges of 20 to 40 miles. compared to others of its kind I think they are hands down the better machine. They also have a way better price point of a little over $600 to $1000. Royalty Free Music 🎧 Corel Video Studio Royalty Free Music 🎧 Karma Code by Traveler & Sinjun MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ YouTube 7 AWESOME PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION MACHINES YOU CAN BUY TODAY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "10 AMAZING AMPHIBIOUS AIRCRAFT & SEAPLANES" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


10 Most Insane Motorcycles In The World
10 Most Insane Motorcycles In The World ► Subscribe: According to history, the first combustion engine motorcycle was created in 1885. Since then the motorcycle has come a long way. Some bikes are manufactured after years of design and testing, while some custom bike builders can put together dream machines in only a month. We thought we would take a look to see what we could find in the extreme department. We found monsters with tons of horsepower, and some bikes that are beyond imagination. So sit back and relax as we show you 10 Most Insane Motorcycles. 1. Kawasaki 1000 Ninja H2R – If you want to talk about insane motorcycles, then the Kawasaki 1000 Ninja H2R should be part of the discussion. Built and designed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The track-only variant is called ‘Ninja H2R’ and produces a heart-stopping 310 horsepower, and 326 horsepower with ram air. Power comes from a 998-cc inline four-cylinder engine cradled in a steel trellis frame. Video - 2. Custom Bad Guys Chopper – You might be familiar with Orange County Choppers as they had a popular series on TLC. They custom design and build some of the most wicked choppers on the planet. One that really stands out is the Custom Bad Guys Chopper. Video - 3. Lazareth LM847 – This custom machine was built by Ludovic Lazareth and his company Lazareth Motoring. This bike is literally built around a 4.7L Maserati 32 valve V8 engine that cranks out 470 horsepower. The bike itself weighs 900lbs with most of that being engine of course. Video - 4. Ducati 1299 Superleggara – This bike is one of the most powerful twin cylinder bikes that Ducati has ever produced. The powerful 215 horsepower twin cylinder engine only needs to push a mere 368 lbs. You heard that right. Claimed dry weight is 339.5 pounds, and curb weight at 364 pounds with the 4.5-gallon aluminum fuel tank three-quarters full. Video -’ 5. The Hydrostatic Twin-turbo Diesel Powered AWD (All Wheel Drive) Motorcycle - Sam Turner got his first motorcycle at the age of 8, and by the age of 12, Sam’s father had taught him how to weld, and he’s been building things ever since. Sam is now a diesel technician, and his love for motorcycles combined with knowledge of diesel systems helped him build a one of a kind 840 cc Yanmar direct injection diesel V-twin motorcycle. Photos + Videos 6. Harley Davidson Night Rod Special V-Rod GEO – No motorcycle list would be complete without a Harley Davidson. And if you are going to include one, it should certainly be a Night Rod. This Harley Davidson Night Rod Special was taken and further customized by Bad Boy Customs in Germany, who added a list of aftermarket accessories and custom parts. Video - 7. Confederate Motorcycles P51 Combat Motorcycle – This motorcycle has probably the strangest look and design of any motorcycle on the market. It is designed and built by the company Confederate Motorcycles. Video - + 8. Ballistic Cycles 30" Hubless Wheel, Twin turbo Harley Bagger – Ballistic Cycles went all out when they built this custom Harley Davidson Bagger. For those that aren’t familiar with this term, a bagger is like a full dress or touring bike. And even though this doesn’t have any saddle bags on it, it does sport a Twin turbo Liquid Cooled Engine with a full aluminum body. Video - 9. The BMW K75 Alpha Bullet Bike - What do you get when you cross the ideas of a high-tech industrial designer from Istanbul, and a motorcycle builder from Utah? You get an insane looking motorcycle that is a land speed racer, complete with a front body design that resembles a great white shark, which was Mark’s idea. Designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem and builder Mark Atkinson have joined forces to bring to life the BMW K75 Alpha Bullet Bike. Video - 10. The Boss Hoss Motorcycles 502 BIG BLOCK 8200cc is a motorcycle frame stuffed with a big block Chevy engine. Yes, you heard that right. Sitting in the middle of this frame is a liquid cooled 502 Cubic Inch engine that delivers 502 horsepower, and 567-foot pound of torque. Video -

This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert
In one of his many road trips to Morocco, Emile Leray (nicknamed the “Doctor of African Mechanics” by his friends) hit a roadblock ... literally. Well, actually it was a rock in the middle of the desert, but you get the idea. With his car’s front axel destroyed and a limited food supply, Leray faced an uncertain future. So what did he do? Engineered the ultimate DIY escape. SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly: