British GT Crash

He's some footage of some of the best race cars ever to grace the UK race circuits since slick tyres came along! 1994 shows a couple of ex-Thundersaloon series Escort Cossies in trouble along with the Ferguson Porsche 924 turbo, and Marcos LM600's. I short shot of Thorkild Thyrring spinning the Pantera GT5 he shared with Win Percy, then on a few years to 1998-1999 and superb clips of McLaren F1 GTR's, Porsche 911-GT1's, Harrier GT1-98's & LR9's, Lister Storm GTL's, Chrysler Viper GTSR, Venturi LM's, Ford Saleen Mustang, Porsche 935, Marcos LM500, Mirage GT1, Allen Lloyd's Jag XJ220 and the unique Quaife R4 GTS and in the pits the TVR Speed 12. No clips of the Sintura S99 unfortunately or the moment at Thruxton when the Speed 12's bonnet decided to head for the clouds, must have written over that sometime in the past. Any cars or drivers you want identifying pls let me know.

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British GT Racing spins and spills
Spins and crashes from the very competitive and exciting British GT motor racing series

British GT championship Oulton Park
Ginneta fire And not enough fire trucks!!!!! No one hurt

Motorsport Crashes - The best Red Flag crashes 2
so I watch a lot of Motorsport crashes compilations but none of them have really covered the really big ones that cause a halt to proceedings. so I thought I would be the first to do it! hope you enjoy it! Motorsport Crashes- The best red flag crashes Episode 2 2013 special - Episode 1 - Episode 3! - Episode 4 - notes: no serious injuries no music on video is some German commentary Like and Subscribe!

Huge crash of an Aston Martin GT3 during British GT at Brands Hatch !
Subscribe to MotorsTV, the high-speed television : This is probably one of the biggest and scariest crash of the beginning of 2016 motorsport season : an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 take off and crash during a race of the British GT championship at Brands Hatch. The lucky driver of the Motorbase Performance #8, Phil Dryburgh, goes well after having rear ended the Ginetta G55 GT4 #66 and the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 n°42... Motors TV, the High Speed Television offers the greatest range of programs dedicated to international motorsports, with exclusive events. Follow MotorsTV on :