2010 BMW 335i HPFP Sound After Recall Software Update

My HPFP now sounds like an industrial vacuum after recall by the dealer ;___;

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BMW 335i HPFP failure on freeway.
2008 BMW 335i w/ 11k miles on 3rd HPFP failure. I was on my way to Steven's Creek BMW because my fuel pump died for the 3rd time since ownership. Car started and went into limp mode, decided to drive the 10 miles from my house to dealership. 2 more freeway exits to go and car just shuts off in the middle of the freeway doing 60mph in light rain. Pulled over immediately and shot this video for evidence to BMW with my iPhone. Waited 50 minutes for BMW assist to come and tow me to dealership.

Bmw 335i HPFP Failure? Anyone Know What Is theProblem? It was gas tank and gas line need to replace
Bmw 335i fuel pump Failure? Or if anyone know what this problem is please tell me thank you