Machining connecting rods

Machining connecting rods for 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotives on the vertical machining centre, they are mounted on a fixture plate four at a time, located by dowels through the big and little end eyes

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Machining conrods for a model engine
I show how I built two conrods with my mini mill. They are made from brass. Weight: 2.3 g, Length: 40mm I didn´t find any other videos showing how to build model conrods, so I figured it out by myself and hope this video will by helpful for someone.

Boring Turning Milling Machining Mechanics Zappella.flv
Videos presentation Mechanical Zappella Angiolino Bergamo, has been in operation since 1969 in the field of precision engineering and general engineering. Boring, Turning, Milling, Boring, Grinding, U-Tronic D'Andrea, medium-large, or small number of unique details. processing by shaving removal. Brackets, rods, gears, wheels, carts, carry-welding capestani, crankshafts, eccentrics, cams, deep drilling, high pressure distributors, oil valves, press columns, gearboxes, gears, racks, rings, flanges, lids , basements.

Con Rod Mods-01.wmv
Here's another connecting rod modification that John Edwards of Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine performs to reduce reciprocating weight. (949) 631-6376

Machining Connecting Rods
Machining process here at Dyers Top Rods