Machining connecting rods

Machining connecting rods for 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotives on the vertical machining centre, they are mounted on a fixture plate four at a time, located by dowels through the big and little end eyes

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Inventor: Connecting Rod
Beginning 3D CAD exercise High School Principles of Engineering class

Connecting Rod Play
Describing some misconceptions about connecting rod side play.

Machining conrods for a model engine
I show how I built two conrods with my mini mill. They are made from brass. Weight: 2.3 g, Length: 40mm I didnĀ“t find any other videos showing how to build model conrods, so I figured it out by myself and hope this video will by helpful for someone.

Boring Connecting Rods Part 1.mpeg
Boring connecting rods Part 1 - This ended up as three parts. Part 1 shows the machining operations using TSC style brazed carbide tooling with surface footage from 160SFPM to about 250SFPM and feed-rates from .003" to .007" per revolution, depth of cut ranges from .125" to .0003" over three boring operations. Tools for the facing were TSA brazed front and AL brazed for the back (AL is a lathe type tool). Parts 2 & 3 I discuss the setup, adjustments, tool types, grind profiles, tool setting and other stuff. Note the boring tools are breaking chips in all setting parameters with hand ground brazed carbide tools and leaving good finishes even down to the .0003" per side cut. This is not easy with welded bores. Thanks for watching!